Digital Decorating 101: Pumpkin Decorating!

Projecting AtmosFX Decorations onto real pumpkins is one of the most popular Halloween decorating options, and a sure-fire way to bring joy to your family, neighbors and friends. You can find decorations for real (or fake!) pumpkins in the following AtmosFX Decoration collections:

And remember, you don’t need to stop with pumpkins. You can project any of these decorations onto basketballs, fruits, mannequin heads, or any other surface. These decorations bring any object to life with happy Jack-O’-Lantern faces and animated carvings.

Fruit, balloons, golf balls – any round object – can come to life with our pumpkin prop decorations!

Special Pumpkin Trio and Transition Files

Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree 1, 2, and 3 are designed to mix and match. The Jack-O’-Lantern faces will always reset to the same position at the end of each scene, which means decorations from all three collections will seamlessly work together. It is easy to have one big, continuous animated pumpkin display all night long.

The Halloween Moon Decoration Collection also features detailed animated pumpkin carvings which are distinct from the Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree decorations. However, AtmosFX also included transition files which show the Halloween Moon pumpkins turning back into the Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree faces, which allows you to mix scenes from Halloween Moon, too. That’s four decoration collections together that can be woven into one seamless playlist.

The complete Halloween Moon collection also includes a “Trio” option to project onto three pumpkins, much like Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree. Because the trio includes all of the individual Halloween Moon decorations mixed into one long scene, it is only included in the complete collection.

How do I pick the right size pumpkins?

Your AtmosFX Pumpkin Prop decorations can work with a large variety of pumpkin sizes – the size of the pumpkins you select will depend on your projector. Different projectors create different size images depending on where they are placed. Still, there’s an easy way to test this out before you go out and buy some fresh pumpkins.

To begin, try estimating where you want to set up your pumpkins and projector. Turn on your projector and display your Pumpkin Prop Mode decorations.

Next, take a large piece of cardboard, or any large, flat surface, and place it where you want to stage your pumpkins. This will show you exactly how large your pumpkins will need to be. If you need, you can even draw circles on your cardboard to determine what size will work best.

Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree Pumpkins

Tracy C. demonstrates how to test the perfect size for his pumpkins.

How do I set up my pumpkins?

Now it’s time to experiment with pumpkin and projector placement until you get it just right.

To start, position your projector so that the middle face in the projected image lines up with the center pumpkin, then place your other two pumpkins on either side of the center pumpkin, and line them up with the projected faces.

Once your props are in place, select one (or a few, or all!) of the Pumpkin Prop decorations and set your projector to loop! Your display will be ready to entertain trick-or-treaters all night! 

A Trunk or Treat is a great place for pumpkin pageantry.

How do I hide the projector light on the wall behind my pumpkins?

This is a great question with many different solutions. 

The first detail to consider is what is behind your pumpkins. If your pumpkins are directly in front of a wall or any other flat surface, then the projector light around them will appear much brighter. 

Therefore, the easiest thing to do is to move your pumpkins further away from any wall or flat surface which may be behind them. This will diffuse the light, and make the edges of your projector’s light much less visible. 

Another technique you can try is to hang fabric behind your pumpkins, which can absorb plenty of the light. The darker the material the better, because darker surfaces absorb more light. However, many decorators have had success with burlap, meshed netting and other types of fabric. This can also add a nice decorative touch to your display to make it stand out even more!


Finally, one of the most fun ways to manage the projector light is to add decorative lighting sources. The light should be very diffused, so that it spreads evenly across the surface behind your pumpkins. Decorative “Christmas” lights are usually a great option, and you can often find lots of Halloween colors at your local decor stores. This can really add some flair to any decorating display, not just pumpkins!

Are your pumpkin decorations the talk of the town? Do you want to create some buzz online too? We always love seeing dazzling displays from our fans! Send your photos and videos to AtmosFX's AtmosFAN of the Week contest, and you could earn free decorations and the adoration of the AtmosFX community. Click here to share your AtmosFX pumpkin decorations today!

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