Neighborhood Rallies Behind Massive Display

We know there are so many of you who are already planning your upcoming Halloween displays! We want you to share your ideas with the rest of us and it just might make you the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Send your photos and YouTube links to and you could be the next one to earn the crown! This week, we present Michael Agovino!

One of the great advantages of AtmosFX Digital Decorations is how quickly and easily you can set them up and take them down. But, that doesn't mean we don’t go bonkers over a super-elaborate setup with a gazillion animatronics, lights, fog, props and other crazy gizmos. Those are exactly what we love from this AtmosFAN of the Week submission from Palisades, New York.

Of course, Michael also has some stellar window projections as part of his Halloween display (You can see Tricks 'n' Treats and Ghostly Apparitions in the windows at the 2:17 mark, and again at the end of the video). However, we recommend you watch the whole five-minute video as there are a ton of great ideas in there.

Just by looking at his display, you can tell that planning is a year-round effort. Michael says he's always looking up how-to videos on prop building and watching videos from other people to get ideas. When October approaches, Mike says, "it takes about a month to really set everything up."

As you can see in the video, Michael has a lot of yard space to work with, and all the trees make twilight even creepier. Those trees are perfect, Michael tells us, for hanging Hollusion Projection Material and creating the effect of ghosts materializing in the trees. He says he expects to add some Hollusion effects in the coming years.

The neighborhood is certainly energized by Michael's efforts. He says last Halloween there was a line going down the street of people wanting to tour his front lawn and take photos. "I keep getting parents coming by and telling me their kids keep talking about how they can’t wait to go to the scary house," he says. "The neighbors really like and support what I do, bringing the holiday to the block. Some even support me by dropping off bags of candy."

That's the reason Michael puts so much effort into each Halloween and why the efforts pay off in spades.

"Going to houses as a kid and seeing homes with massive decorations was always awesome and really made the holidays special," Michael says. "I noticed I don’t see as much of that anymore, so I’m trying to do my best to keep it going."

That's the true Halloween spirit, Michael – and that'll earn you the AtmosFAN of the Week crown! Keep up the great work!

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