AtmosFAN’s ‘Revenant Manor’ Drips with Detail

We love football and the cheeriness of Valentine’s Day as much as anybody, but sometimes we just need a touch of Halloween doom and gloom to put everything back in perspective. With that in mind, we were put in exactly the right mood with this visually stunning display from Revenant Manor in Atlanta, Georgia.It is often difficult to say this about large-scale Halloween decoration displays, but Revenant Manor is, at once, both grandiose and understated. Grandiose in that the entire property is intricately detailed, highlighted by fog and impeccable lighting, with nearly every corner seemingly a host to a deadly visual treasure. The faux-masonry creations and the creepy statues are indeed works of art!

But Revenant Manor is also understated, in that it remains unfailingly on-theme. This is not a Frankenstien’s monster of a Halloween display, where varied and often incongruous themes are sewn together year after year. Here, the creators knew exactly what they were going for, and were able to achieve it with stunning detail.

Indeed, this Halloween display, more than just about any we’ve seen in recent years, could truly pass a real haunted mansion. Perhaps it is!

You’ll want to explore the 3:30-minute video on your own and find your own inspiration, but we are big fans of the exquisitely detailed mausoleums and the dreary statues. And the subtle touches, such as the tiny jack-o’lanterns above the doorway, or the lantern made from a skeleton’s forearm, are priceless. And, too, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also point out the cool use of the decrepit stagecoach, which takes advantage of the strange specters of Terrors from Beyond Decoration Collection.

Of course, there’s enough detail at Revenant Manor for everyone to have their own favorites – check out their Instagram feed and you’ll be sure to find even more inspiration!

Have you built a cool Halloween display, like Revenant Manor? Maybe you’ve already started work for this upcoming Hallween. Either way, we want to see it! Send your photos and videos using this easy submission form and you may become the next AtmosFAN of the Week. Not only will you inspire others around the globe, you will also earn points redeemable at the store for every submission, and if chosen, you will win a free decoration collection!

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