Great Ways to Showcase any of Your ‘Stained Glass’ Decorations

Who would have thought that AtmosFX Decorations with the word “window” in the title would be so versatile? Ever since Yuletide Window Decoration was released for the winter season of 2019, its brilliant colors and traditional stained glass stylings tailor-made for windows have propelled it into being one of AtmosFX’s most popular holiday decorations. And surprisingly, one of its most adaptable, too.

That has also proven true for AtmosFX’s two subsequent stained-glass decorations, both of which celebrate the hope and joy that is so pervasive this time of year, Nativity Window and Hanukkah Window. (And heck! For those who prefer a scary, versus merry, holiday season, there’s no reason you can’t display our Halloween Window this time of year.)

No matter which one of AtmosFX’s four stained-glass decorations you like to celebrate with, we know that you can do so in more than just your window. (Though, it looks great there!) We’ve seen these endlessly flexible decorations showcased in ways we never expected, in places we never expected! For those of you looking to fully show your holiday spirit, we’ve collected some ideas for you.

The Big Picture

For those who are computer-savvy and enjoy decorating their home through large-scale projection mapping, all four “Window” decorations offer incredible promise. With bold colors and designs that are not character dependent (Unlike Enchanted Snowman Digital Decoration, for example), it allows decorators to utilize those rich images in any way they please.

But you don’t have to learn projection mapping to be able to go really big. With a high-Lumen projector, there’s no reason you can’t do what Leia Otterstatter (above) did so well with Nativity Window – simply blast your whole home with the digital decoration. After all, why turn just a window in your home into an animated stained glass when you can turn your entire home into one?

And why stick with houses? If Halloween is your thing, why not do what Jeff Prah (above) did and project Halloween Window onto a nearby water tower? It’s easy!

Interior Effects

Projecting onto the side of a house, of course, is simply a “surface projection” – the easiest way decorate with a projector. And it is easy to do so indoors, too. Walls are an obvious choice, but why not elsewhere?

If you have a short-throw projector, for example, think of how it might add to the excitement of Christmas morning if Nativity Window was projected onto the living-room wall. Or, for those with the ability to mount their projector on the ceiling, or similar high perch, how about adding animated color to the dinner tablecloth? The beauty of any of the “Window” decorations is that you don’t need a completely clear space for it to look great.

Think Outside the Box 

All four of the “Window” decorations have vertical and horizontal display modes, which ensures they’ll work in just about any window. But that doesn’t mean you have to display them in a square or rectangular format. For example, Nancie Gundersen Quinton (above) back-projects Yuletide Window onto a circular screen, sort of a DIY AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL. Yuletide Window has a mode designed specifically to be displayed in a circle which, along with a the lightweight and portable Decorating Disc XL, makes it really easy to add a dynamic shot of Christmas color any place that needs it. 

Screen Play

Any unused TV, computer monitor, tablet or smartphone is an opportunity to add color to your home. All four “Window” decorations can be set on “loop,” which turns any screen into an endlessly joyful holiday decoration.

Similarly, an old phone or tablet can be loaded with a decoration and placed inside a miniature church or house in a Christmas village display, for example, providing a dynamic source of color through the windows. A tablet can also be framed and placed on a shelf or table, instantly adding zip to your decor. Or, as you can see here with Hanukkah Window, a digital picture frame can be used to do the same thing.

You’re Limited Only by Your Imagination 

Truly, with any of the four “Window” decorations, your options for adding captivating color this holiday season are countless – you are only limited by your imagination! Even, as you can see above, Rich Byrne’s cat thinks so!

How do you like to use these dynamic stained-glass displays at your home? Make sure to show us by sending your photos and videos to us using this easy submission form!

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