AtmosFAN Turns Nashville Home into Zombie Haven

For those who have always wanted to give their home a complete Halloween makeover, this one’s for you. After all, who doesn’t want to turn an otherwise lovely home into a remodel-in-reverse, “improving” it into an abandoned structure teeming with zombies and other creeps?

That’s what MK Chen did with his Nashville, Tenn., home. As you can see from the following video, his Halloween display is simply overflowing with great ideas that the rest of us can deploy in our own homes.

First things first: MK’s decorations and props are simply fantastic. He says he makes most of them by scratch – adding about two props per year. They’re always zombie themed, and that consistency in theme really makes the entire Halloween display work.

Of course, it looks good in the daytime, but it looks magnificent at night. The lighting is top notch and, on Halloween night, MK creates an immersive multimedia event, complete with fog machines, lightning and thunder sound effects … and a 12-foot “tormentor” who likes to chase the little ones. (We’d like to see that!)

MK does a great job with a less-is-more approach to digital decorating – sometimes a single perfectly placed AtmosFX Digital Decoration can have outsize impact when used in just the right way. In this case, MK makes sure all the windows and doors look as though they are boarded up – except for one. That one has Window Projection Material in it, onto which he projects the Terrors from Beyond Digital Decoration Collection. (Another option: Zombie Invasion! Digital Decoration Collection.)

The technique really works well! As captivating as MK’s entire display is, the use of that one window really stands out … in an entire Halloween display that really stands out. Great work, MK!


Halloween is coming soon – how are you preparing for it? Send us the ideas you are working on – you just might inspire countless others who are also preparing for Halloween. It is easy to do so: Just send your photos and videos to us using this simple submission form!

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