AtmosFX Wants YOU - to Send Your AtmosFAN Applications!

Calling all AtmosFANs! Do you want to share your passion for Halloween decorating with the world? Got a new idea or technique that you want to show off to other decorators? Why wait until after Halloween to spread the joy of digital decorations? AtmosFX wants YOU to submit your pictures and videos to our AtmosFAN of the Week contest.

Every winning AtmosFAN of the Week entry receives a coupon for one free decoration, 1000 kudos to cash in for our AtmosFAN Awards program, and a spot in our AtmosFAN Hall of Fame. Plus, you get the respect and adoration of our global decorating community. What better way to ring in our favorite season?

If you want to make the most of your AtmosFAN of the Week submission, here are some tips to ensure your video will stand out.

Horizontal Video - Not Vertical!

Vertically-oriented videos are great for some types of content. But when showing off digital decorations, horizontal video offers much more context and detail.

Park Lauffer's "HuckleBerry Halloween" display makes the most of a horizontal video

Park Lauffer's AtmosFAN of the Week winning "Huckleberry Halloween" display makes the most of a horizontal video

It’s necessary to see both the decoration and also the space around it to get a complete impression. It’s also so much easier to share horizontal videos with fans, and makes it possible to include your video in our end-of-the-year AtmosFX sightings video. Click here to check out the 2018 AtmosFX Sightings!

Before/After Shots and DIY Instructions

Digital decorations are a lot like magic, and digital decorators are a lot like magicians. The best decorations can not only shock or surprise an unsuspecting audience, but also impress an experienced decorator who might already know how the trick is performed.

That’s why it’s so cool to document not just the final product of your decorating, but also the story of how you made it magical. Your creativity could inspire other decorators to try out bigger and bolder ideas in their own creative process!

Take Pictures AND Video!

Videos are a crucial part of showing off digital decorations because movement is such an important component in how they entertain.

Unfortunately, capturing good video can be tricky because lots of cameras have a hard time getting a perfect image when in the dark. Taking pictures can sometimes provide more detail and clarity then a video. Having both options means we have more great stuff to share with other fans!

Privacy Consideration for Families

If you’re taking pictures of trick-or-treaters, please consider the privacy of kids and families by not taking videos or pictures of children’s faces.

It’s awesome to show people interacting with and reacting to your decorations, but unless it’s your kids on camera, try not to get too close-up or shoot their faces directly. It’s good to be respectful that some people might not want their kids on camera, and we wouldn’t want to share identifiable pictures or videos of trick-or-treaters without a parent’s permission.

Join the Esteemed Ranks of the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame!

Whether you’re starting an all-new Halloween decorations display for 2019, or if you have some videos from previous years that you’ve been waiting to publish, show us what you’ve got!

Click here to fill out our simple AtmosFAN application form. We can hardly wait to see what you have planned this year!

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