A Giant Display of Light and Color

We admit it, even for us, sometimes Halloween seems so far away. This time of year, all we want to do is put on a mask, stuff our gullet with fun-size peanut-butter cups, and lose ourselves in a big, expansive Halloween display.

That's why we were so happy to transport ourselves to Munson, Pennsylvania, where Park Lauffer created "Huckleberry Halloween." Spread out over a large parcel of land, Park has crafted an explosion of light and color – exactly the type of tonic we need this time of year.

What we love about Park's display is the sheer volume of it. Just about every corner of his property has been touched – sometimes with inflatables, sometimes with projection displays, sometimes with animatronics and other props. We particularly love the patch of lighted pumpkins that appears in Park's video – you'll see it at about 2:15. Like just about everything else at Huckleberry Halloween, the sheer volume just makes it so captivating.

From our perspective, it is great to see so many different styles of digital decorating mixed throughout his display. We see Hollusion effects (Terrors from Beyond), pumpkin and 3DFX Form prop displays (Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree, Boo Crew, Witching Hour), and more. Park says he'd been toying around with projection displays for about four years, but really bought-in two years ago when he discovered AtmosFX on YouTube. "I wound up just using one of your projections in 2017," he tells us, "but for last year I used almost 20 different projections!"

Clearly, Park has the space to use them all. All told, he says it takes him about three-to-four weeks to set up Huckleberry Halloween, with October 1 being his target date for full functionality.

Given the time it takes, and the obvious attention to detail, we suppose we shouldn't be surprised by his answer when we asked him if he decorates for other holidays, too.

"I used to do a huge Christmas display," Park tells us, "but I massively downsized it to focus on Halloween."

Thank you, Park, for providing us a little Halloween joy this time of year! We love the detail of your Halloween display ... and if you decide to ramp-up your Christmas display again, we can't wait to see that too!

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