Double Trouble: Two New AtmosFX Titles Set For 2015

We’ve looked deep into our crystal ball, and we have seen our future – at least up to Halloween. And it looks good. Wicked good. Why? Two AtmosFEARfx Digital Decorations are slated to be unleashed for this Halloween season.

Phantasms will feature specters, ghouls and poltergeists that have been released from human nightmares to infest this earthly realm. This follow-up to the popular Ghostly Apparitions will feature a gathering of ghouls and spirits who levitate, shriek, fly and startle the mortals of this world. This digital decoration will be optimized for the “hologram illusion” effect that made its predecessor so popular.

Witching Hour will venture deep into a witch’s lair, where bats, black cats and ravens toil through the night. At the center will be a cloaked enchantress, brewing magic spells and conjuring whimsical spirits. Witching Hour will feature three magical vignettes as well as three original Halloween songs that will entertain the entire family.

Both AtmosFEARfx Digital Decorations will be available as a standard-definition DVD and a high-definition digital download. 

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