AtmosFAN's Clever Crate Cuts Down on Candy Theft

It is a universal problem for all who celebrate Halloween: No matter how early we purchase trick-'r'-treat candy, it is always devoured before October 31. Scott Bell of Mount Prospect, Illinois, has devised a clever remedy for that.

Given the amount of money people could save not buying all that extra Halloween candy, we think a Nobel prize in economics might be in order. But until then, we are happy to bestow unto Scott AtmosFAN of the Week honors.

Scott's creation is as simple as it is awesome. He found the wooden crate at Michael's with the chicken wire already installed. He spray-painted the interior black, and then placed an old Nexus computer tablet inside. (Before he did so, he loaded a few scenes from the Eerie Eyes Digital Decoration onto it.) Oh, and we love the little touches Scott adds, like the fake spider webs.

Scott added black cloth to his crate to help disguise the embedded tablet. It is a smart technique – a single layer of dark cloth (provided it is somewhat see-through) placed over the tablet helps conceal its shape and and makes the digital decoration seem much more mysterious. As you can see from Scott's video, the tablet is virtually invisible.

All told, Scott tells us, his clever candy crate took about 20 minutes to create – not counting the time it took for the paint to dry, we suspect.

Scott's candy crate is just one of many clever creations that utilizes computer tablets tucked away in places you'd never expect to find them. We've seen a lot of great looking Book of Spells that utilize the technique, like this one recently sent to us by Kim Mcfarlane of Wellington, New Zealand. Others like to hide a tablet inside a gravestone, like this one sent to us by Adam McCormack of Everett, Washington.

Do you add AtmosFX Digital Decorations to a computer tablet and then embed it in a surprising place? We know the possibilities are endless. If you have done so, we want to see it! Submit your photos and videos using the handy AtmosFAN of the Week submission form!

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