The Big List of Zombie Content (or What To Watch This Weekend)

In our ongoing effort to create the most realistic digital decorations of creatures both real and imagined, we’re always going the extra mile. So, with that in mind, we present to you some recent research that is sure to come in handy – particularly if you want to survive the next Zombie Invasion!

Here is the link to what we believe to be the most exhaustive list of zombie movies ever compiled. At the most recent count, we’ve identified 1,566 entries.

Yes, we see this list as a valuable public service. But we have something even more important in mind. We think that crowd-sourcing you, the crafty Halloween-decorating brain trust, will certainly have ideas that makes this list even better.

So, have at it – we want to hear from you. How many zombie films on this list have you seen? Which ones have we missed? What is your score?  Which of you will end up with the highest one?  And which one will reveal the essential clue that will save the human race from an inevitable attack of the undead?

You’re welcome. You can thank us later when you survive the apocalypse.

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Share This Article On Social Media