AtmosFANs are Ringmasters of ‘Evil Circus’

Everyone loves it when the circus comes to town – we were all kids once. But how might they feel when that circus is wonderfully weird? Apparently, they love that too, judging by the enthusiastic reception that Brian and Tessa N. received from their Mission Viejo, California, community.

And when we say “community,” we mean everybody. Brian and Tessa earned first place for best special effects from the city of Mission Viejo. (You can see a video created by the city here – Brain and Tessa are featured at the 2:54 mark.) Moreover, given that the Mission Viejo Fall Halloween Home Decorating Contest attracts Halloween lovers throughout the Southern California region, the couple found that their “Evil Clown Circus” had become a busy place.

As it should be! Brian and Tessa’s Halloween display is a pleasingly strange immersive experience. We always love to see Halloween displays that center on a single theme, largely because it showcases the creativity and ingenuity of the decorators behind it.

We love all the flashing lights, colors and stripes in this display – it just feels like an old-timey circus right from the start. It’s also purposefully dingy and dark, which ensures that everyone who comes to see it will be slightly on edge. Then, the animatronics!

We count more than 20 animatronic clowns – plus at least one human disguised as an animatronic clown. (We’re pretty sure we missed a few.) Some are riding miniature Ferris wheels, some hanging from trees, others lurking in the shadows where you’d least expect them. They all look great – especially when Creepy Clowns Decoration Collection is interspersed throughout.

You can find the three live-action clowns cleverly placed throughout Brian and Tessa’s display – sometimes large, sometimes small, sometimes high up on a wall. Because you never quite know where you’ll encounter the next AtmosFX Decoration (or animatronic, for that matter), the whole presentation becomes quite disorienting – in a good way.

We’d especially love to highlight something we’ve never seen before – computer monitors enclosed in semi-translucent plastic boxes, often hanging from up high. In the video, these boxes are displaying “The Terrifier” from Creepy Clowns, and contain string lights for a little added color. We love the look of them – a pleasingly unusual touch that adds just the right amount of weirdness to an already weird display.

Which is exactly what you’d expect at an Evil Clown Circus, right? No wonder the residents of Mission Viejo and beyond have turned out in droves to check it out!

We are Halfway to Halloween, so let’s continue to revel in it! Send us your photos and videos from this past Halloween, and we’ll continue to honor AtmosFANs of the Week as a way to celebrate! Every submission will earn you Kudos for use at, and winners will get a free decoration collection of their choice. Submit your photos and videos here, using this easy online submission form!

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