On the Hunt for a Dinosaur Encounter

With the release of AtmosFX's new Dinosaur Encounter digital decoration, fans like me have a wealth of new opportunities to break out the projector and create spectacular visual effects, any time of year.

That's what I was aiming to do — perhaps I was inspired by the recent release of an incredibly popular movie franchise, who knows? Regardless of inspiration, I know I'm always looking for ways to amuse my neighbors by creating a few surprises. Why not do so with dinosaurs?

Of course, there are the usual places to digitally decorate, like windows and walls. This is how most AtmosFX fans choose to do so – project onto a window (using Window Projection Material), or project directly onto the wall. Naturally, Dinosaur Encounter has many options for that — even vertically oriented scenes for those who like to project in doorways or have tall windows.

Projecting onto my front window was something I knew I could easily do — my neighbors see that each Halloween and Christmas. But, where else could I display these dinosaurs? This new digital decoration gave me the opportunity to explore my own home, looking for other places I might be able to digitally decorate.

Giant Herbivores in the Garden

As you can see, my home is in dire need of a landscaper. The plants have pretty much taken over. But this gives me an opportunity! At the top of the staircase leading to my home, I set-up some Hollusion Projection Material. Around the corner, I set up my projector. Within minutes, I was able to unleash a Triceratops in my overgrown yard and it fit right in. Now, if only it really could trim back the foliage!

Horsepower? Dinosaur Power!

During the Halloween season, I have used the windows of my garage to make it appear that spirits (usually Ghostly Apparitions) are inside. If I could do that, why not make the neighbors think I have Tyrannosaurus Rex in the garage. Using the same Window Projection Material I cut to fit several Halloweens ago, the task was easy!

I know this is only the tip of the Triceratops' horn, so to speak. There are so many other creative ways I'm sure our fans have been utilizing Dinosaur Encounter. But how? Send your photos and videos of how you use this new digital decoration to AtmosFX to community@atmosfx.com, and inspire the rest of us!

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