Great Ways to Display ‘Winter Wonderland’

Who doesn’t love a white Christmas – especially when there’s zero shoveling involved? Winter Wonderland Decoration Collection has been delivering this for years, allowing clever decorators to use the peaceful landscapes and stylish snowscapes to create dynamic Christmas cards indoors and out.

Most people project AtmosFX Decorations in their window so that people outside can see the decoration. AtmosFAN Lyle Coram did the opposite – he projected Winter Wonderland into his Las Vegas, Nevada, home to create a snowy landscape for his family to see. 

Holiday decorators could be forgiven if they’ve never heard of Winter Wonderland. As one of AtmosFX’s earliest Christmas-themed decorations, it is quiet and meditative – just as you would expect on a winter’s night, huddled by the fire, as the season’s first snow gently drifts to the ground.

Check out how Lyle Coram and many other AtmosFANs have been featured in our Winter Wonderland Showcase video.

There are two main types of decorations in Winter Wonderland: landscapes and snowscapes. The landscapes feature a series of bucolic outdoor scenes blanketed in newfallen snow, some in the daytime, others at night. The snowscapes are artful renderings of falling snow, both realistic and stylized.

How might you use this decoration in your Christmas display? We have a few ideas for you.

A Wall of Weather

Walls, of course, are the easiest place to display any AtmosFX Decoration. It is also true for Winter Wonderland. Indoors and out, you can turn any surface into a serene winter landscape.

Indoors, pick a large wall that doesn’t have a lot of windows or paintings, then project a snowy landscape onto it. And if your wall is busier it will still look great – the stylized snowflakes will work in any room. Either way, the decoration is great for parties, instantly creating depth. Just make sure to set the projector up high so the party guests don’t cast a shadow on your decoration.

Outdoors, we’ve seen Winter Wonderland used in just about every way imaginable. Some decorators use high-lumen projectors to cover their entire home with the snowflakes. More often, we’ll see the landscapes used as a backdrop behind Christmas Villages established in the front yard. The snowy backdrop adds a level of realism that really sets it apart.

And speaking of Christmas Villages, for those who like to set up miniature countertop versions, displaying Winter Wonderland on the wall behind these villages is also incredibly compelling. Inexpensive pico projectors or even a TV as background can work great here.

A Different Kind of Snowball

In 2023, AtmosFX modified the Winter Wonderland so that it also contained decorations optimized for the Decorating Disc XL. Essentially this means all the scenes contained in the decoration can now also be displayed in a circular format.

For holiday decorators, this opens a whole new range of opportunities to display Winter Wonderland. For instance, hang the lightweight Decorating Disc XL behind the DJ or the bar and you’ll have an instant spot of holiday cheer – especially if you project the stylized snowflakes onto it. Or hang it from a tree in your front yard – it will seem like a dynamic oversize ornament.

Many decorators also like to place the Decorating Disc XL in a large window at the front of the house, especially if they don’t want to cover it entirely with Window Projection Material. This gives the front window a little pizzazz for the neighbors to enjoy – and you’ll know, because you’ll be able to see them stop and look at your decoration through the rest of the window!

There’s one additional way to use the “Disc mode” display of Winter Wonderland – we see more and more decorators doing so each year. Typically in the front of their homes, people are creating “snow globes” with AtmosFX Decorations by projecting directly onto a light-color ball, like a beach ball or exercise ball. An AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL turned on its side also works! Either way, when you project one of the snow scenes of Winter Wonderland on either, it appears as though you have created a giant snow globe, where a countryside cabin rests amongst a gentle winter snowfall. It really sets the scene.

Snow on the TV Screen

If you have an unused TV screen or computer monitor, put it to good use! Tablets, too! Put Winter Wonderland on loop, and it can be a great passive decoration – especially for parties. We will see many people make a TV look as though it were a window looking out onto a pastoral winter scene – some even create artificial window panes using old picture frames or EVA foam to really sell the effect.

There is another option, however. The landscapes of Winter Wonderland allow you to select a simulated window frame to enhance the effect. It’s an even easier way to create a decoration that fits right onto a holiday theme, especially if it is dark outside, or there aren’t many windows in the room.

Winter Outside Your Window

Speaking of windows – the real kind – you can always display Winter Wonderland in any window. As with all AtmosFX Decorations, there is no wrong way to use them – but it stands to reason that the neighbors and passersby who look at your windows might appreciate the more stylized snowflakes as a decorative element. After all, what will they think when they look into your home to see a snowy countryside cabin covered in fresh snow?!

Come to think of it, that sounds fun! Let’s try that, too!

How will you use Winter Wonderland in your Christmas display? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple submission form!

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