Who Put the Boom in Zoom? These Fans Did!

Two weeks ago, we posted an article about how easy it is to add some spunk to Zoom online meetings by using an AtmosFX Digital Decoration as a virtual background. We think it goes without saying that all Zoom meetings, family gatherings and happy hours could be improved with the addition of a hovering specter or two.

Then we came across this great post on Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community users group started by Robert Holland, himself a two-time AtmosFAN of the Week. He called it the “Shelter-in-Place Challenge” and he encouraged others to create Zoom virtual backgrounds using AtmosFX Digital Decorations. These types of challenges are exactly what makes these users groups so great!

The responses to Robert’s challenge are starting to roll in, and we expect to see many, many more. We’ll start with one posted by member Jeff Ropelato, who put together an excellent ‘how-to video’ that shows, among other things, how to add Phantasms Digital Decoration to your Zoom virtual background settings. We think it looks great!

We'll keep checking back with the AtmosFX Decorating Community users group to see who else steps-up to Robert’s challenge. We encourage you to do so, as well!

If you missed the article about how to turn your Zoom meetings into a digital decoration, you can read it here. And know that we have also released four digital decoration collections that are optimized for specifically Zoom virtual backgrounds check them out here!

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