Decorate Like an Expert with AtmosFX’s Plug-n-PlayLists

Compared to buggy animatronics or goopy fog machines, creating captivating Halloween displays with AtmosFX Digital Decorations has always been easy. (And better looking!) This is the reason we began creating digital decorations more than 15 years ago: We wanted people to be able to project Hollywood-quality animated decorations any time of the year.

We think we’ve done a pretty good job. Still, we know there are some people who would prefer digital decorating to be even easier. And with the new Plug-n-PlayLists, we’ve created something that is even easier. What can you expect with this new AtmosFX product? Who is it created for? We’ve got the answers here.

What is a Plug-n-PlayList?

Plug-n-PlayLists make it simple to ‘wow’ friends and family with a spectacular digital decoration display, just like you would with any AtmosFX Digital Decoration Collection.

However, a Plug-n-PlayList is different because it is a single digital file that is designed to be easily downloaded and displayed. Each Plug-n-PlayList contains a variety of AtmosFX Digital Decorations, organized by a common theme. Think of Plug-n-PlayLists as almost like a collection of “greatest hits” – each digital file features many of the most memorable characters curated from across the AtmosFX character library.

What makes Plug-n-PlayLists Easy to use?

We understand that when it comes to decorating, some people will spend months – even years! – perfecting their decoration display. Others just want something that looks great – but doesn’t take a lot of time and effort. Plug-n-PlayLists are for this latter group.

First, Plug-n-PlayLists are a single digital MP4 file. That makes it easy to download, and you don’t have to use third-party software to decompress the file. In addition, there is also no need to use another third-party software package to create a playlist to organize and play your individual digital decorations. A single Plug-n-PlayList means all you have to do is copy the file onto a USB flash drive and plug it into your projector or monitor to play.

One last reason Plug-n-PlayLists are easy: They are organized by theme. That means if you are preparing for your 6-year-old’s Halloween party, then all you need to do is select, for example, Trick-or-Treaters Greeters. This Plug-n-PlayList was curated specifically to be family-friendly. No guesswork here!

What Digital Decorations are on Each Plug-n-PlayList?

Each Plug-n-PlayList is organized around a common theme. We’ve curated each one so that if you are looking for digital decorations that are kid-friendly, or perhaps full of ghosts, it has already been prepared for you. Here are the three Plug-n-PlayLists created for the Halloween season:

  • Fright Nights – For those who get delight from inducing a few scares, this collection of scenes from six different AtmosFX Digital Decorations is the perfect Halloween night recipe.

  • Trick-or-Treaters Greeters – With scenes from seven different AtmosFX Digital Decorations, this family-friendly Plug-n-PlayList is certain to keep the neighborhood kids entertained outside your home.

  • Host of Ghosts – All ghosts, all the time … and all fun! Specters materialize from six different AtmosFX Digital Decorations, including last year’s popular Ghostly Apparitions 3.

Who is Likely to Enjoy Plug-n-PlayLists?

Well, that depends if you’re talking about the people who are watching the digital decorations, or the people who are presenting them. We’ll start with the people who present them.

Plug-n-PlayLists were designed for people who are just beginning to discover the world of digital decorating, or those who don’t have a lot of time to set up their display. Why? For the beginners, having a single digital file that seamlessly contains characters from a multitude of AtmosFX Digital Decorations is about as simple as it gets. Plus, it’s a great way to inexpensively try out a bunch of digital decorations to see which ones you like best or, perhaps more importantly, to see which ones the neighborhood kids like best!

Another reason? Because the Plug-n-PlayList is a single digital file (see above), it means it is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on their computer creating manual playlists. Just plug it into your projector or monitor and press “play.” Then put it on “loop” and it will seamlessly play all night.

As to the other question: Will the people who are watching the digital decorations enjoy them? Of course! They’re some of the most popular characters from AtmosFX Digital Decorations!

Who is Likely to NOT Enjoy Plug-n-PlayLists?

Because Plug-n-PlayLists are designed to be easy to use, they won’t have some features that are preferred by more advanced digital decorators.

For example, Plug-n-PlayLists only feature horizontal orientation, and exist only in window or TV mode. Why? That’s how most people use them. So, if you have a lot of vertical windows, or really like to project onto Hollusion Projection Material, great! But know that Plug-n-PlayLists are probably not for you. (You’ll want to download individual digital decorations from your favorite AtmosFX title.)

Similarly, for those of you who have purchased multiple digital decoration collections over the years might find that you already own the individual digital decoration included on a specific Plug-n-PlayList. Make sure to check the product page for each Plug-n-PlayList to ensure you’re not buying something you already have.

Lastly, those advanced decorators who really enjoy customizing their own playlists will find that, because Plug-n-PlayLists are a single digital file, they won’t have the same flexibility they are accustomed to when creating their own custom playlists.

What if I Love my Plug-n-PlayLists? Will There be More?

We think you will love your Plug-n-PlayList – after all, what’s not to love? Still, the answer is yes – you’ll see more Plug-n-PlayLists offered at in the coming months and years. For different holidays, too!

And, of course, as you get comfortable with displaying AtmosFX Digital Decorations, you can ALWAYS continue to explore the nearly endless amount of possibilities throughout AtmosFX. There are so many ways to digitally decorate, and Plug-n-PlayLists are only the beginning!

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