Clever Ways to Use ‘Marley's Ghost’ Digital Decoration

Ebenezer Scrooge never expected the ghost who paid such a consequential visit on that memorable Christmas Eve so many years ago.

The ghost, of course, was Scrooge’s deceased business partner, Jacob Marley. So it makes perfect sense this same ghost would surprise us too, materializing as an AtmosFX Digital Decoration more than 175 years after Charles Dickens published his classic holiday novella, A Christmas Carol.

And given that Dickens’ tale is as much a ghost story as it is a Christmas story, it should also be no surprise that Marley’s Ghost Digital Decoration reveals itself right after Halloween, and plenty in time for Christmas.

The digital decoration consists of five vignettes, all haunting scenes based on Dickens’ novella, told from the perspective of Jacob Marley. Like all AtmosFX Digital Decorations, there are countless ways to display it – play it on your TV or monitor, or project it onto your walls and windows. And, of course, it looks positively mysterious as a Hollusion effect when projected onto AtmosFX’s Hollusion Projection Material.

So, we know Marley’s Ghost Digital Decoration can be displayed just about anywhere. But what are the best ways to use it? The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to begin.

Create a Full-Blown ‘Christmas Carol’ in Your Yard

It goes without saying that for those of you who want to create A Christmas Carol decoration display for the holiday season (and yes, we’ve seen many), Marley’s Ghost is an essential component.

To create the other characters in Dickens’ tale, you’ll find plenty of haunting options in AtmosFX Digital Decorations like Phantasms, Ghostly Apparitions and Macabre Manor. And if you are looking for more terrestrial (and Victorian) digital decorations, the Christmas Carolers and Virtual Christmas Tree digital decorations will be the perfect fit. In fact, we have an article right here that can take you through the steps!

Deliver a Powerful Christmas Message (It Worked on Scrooge!)

If you don’t want to build a giant A Christmas Carol display, but would still like to send a holiday message, there’s plenty of clever ways to do so – all in the style of Dickens.

For example, you can easily project onto the wall near your Christmas tree to “haunt” your room, much like in the original story. Similarly, if your family is watching one of the many televised versions of A Christmas Carol, a timely projection of Marley’s Ghost would be, shall we say, memorable!

Or, if your Elf on the Shelf really hasn’t had the persuasive impact you wanted when it comes to reminding others to be nice during the holiday season, perhaps a warning from Marley’s Ghost might have greater impact. Set up some Hollusion Projection Material outside a bedroom or bathroom, and then select either the “Cursed Spirit” or the “Spirit’s Warning” vignettes. That will shock just about anyone, especially when paired with a Sprite Media Player with Motion Sensor, so the projection activates when they open the door.

And for those who are really ambitious, a startle scare projection onto a frosted shower curtain (in the shower) will do a great job limiting water consumption!

A Different Kind of Yuletide Doorway

The opening vignette in Marley’s Ghost Digital Decoration is a captivating animation of a brass door knocker that appears to be possessed by a spirit. For those with light-color doors, a simple surface projection onto your door can make for a stunning surprise for those who approach your doorstep. And if your door isn’t light in color, you can create the same effect by having some Hollusion Projection Material over your doorway and projecting directly onto it.

What if I Just Like Ghosts?

Well, we hear you. We like ghosts too – for Halloween or any time of year. So, if you simply want to add another mysterious specter to your collection, Marley’s Ghost is a great addition. He’ll fit right in with some of the other spirits you might already have, like those in Macabre Manor or any of the three Ghostly Apparitions digital decorations. Nobody even has to know it is a character from a Charles Dickens tale!

Whether you use Marley’s Ghost Digital Decoration for Christmas OR Halloween, we want to see your creativity! Make sure to send us your photos and videos using this easy submission form!

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