Take Back Feb. 14 With ‘My Valentine’

On behalf of everyone who has received their fair share of anodyne carbon-copy valentines over the years, we are ready to take back February 14 — in a way that only AtmosFX can.

On the first Friday of February, we will be releasing an all-new digital decoration that we consider a love letter to St. Valentine’s Day. Awash in red and pink, My Valentine savors in the spirit of the season – with candy hearts, roses, Cupid, and more. It is perfect for the upcoming holiday, or anytime you want to show your love. Plus, no calories!

Think of My Valentine as an e-card on steroids. With with two distinct versions – window/Hollusion display mode and TV/wall display mode – you can celebrate the day nearly anywhere, on nearly any surface. For example, think about how you might surprise your sweetie with a projection onto the garage door or onto your front window when they arrive home. Or consider a display on the dining-room wall as you prepare a Valentine’s dinner. There are more options than a Whitman sampler.

My Valentine will be available for download on Feb. 3. Each of the two versions (window/Hollusion mode and TV/wall mode) will be available for the price of $5.99 at the AtmosFX.com online store. Fully loopable and optimized for both vertical and horizontal display, My Valentine is a stirring way to show your love unlike any other.

More details will be posted on at AtmosFX.com as soon as Cupid himself signs-off on the final details. So, check back often. Until then, be comforted knowing that AtmosFX remains vigilant – we want to make sure no holiday passes without a proper celebration. Bring on Valentine’s Day!

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