AtmosFAN’s Halloween Display Morphs for Christmas

What’s better than a great looking Halloween or Christmas display? A great looking Halloween display that easily converts into a great looking Christmas display! And while James Baldwin would probably say the transition at his Coppell, Texas, home isn’t exactly easy – he says it takes about three weeks — but there’s no arguing about the fantastic results.

The above photo is from James’ Halloween display – an Old West town that, as you can see, is inhabited by skeletons and zombies and the like. It is 16 feet at its highest point, and made from materials he and his son find free on CraigsList.

“The goal is to have my son learn to repurpose old materials and how to use tools and be creative with odd materials,” James tells us.

Typically, the two will start on their project in September with the intent of getting both a Halloween and Christmas display out of their efforts. “Because we build something different each year, the community watches us closely trying to guess what we plan to build,” he says. “The fun is to keep them guessing.”

Needless to say, the skeleton and zombies are retired for James’ Christmas display, and in their place is Santa and his busy elves, courtesy of Santa’s Workshop Decoration Collection. You can see the Virtual Christmas Tree Decoration Collection, too.

The whole display looks fantastic – the lighting and detail is spectacular. We can see why the neighbors look forward to seeing what creative display James and his son will create each year!

Halloween, Christmas or any other holiday – no matter what you decorate for, we want to see how you do it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form and you may be named the next AtmosFAN of the Week!

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