AtmosFAN Creates Her Own Haunted Mansion

A few weeks ago, we showcased a terrific Halloween display that was inspired by a theme: Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. Since then, we've received even more examples of how you can deploy AtmosFX Digital Decorations in service of a theme. This week we present to you – drum roll, please – Disney's Haunted Mansion.

Yes! It is hard to imagine pursuing a better kitchy-cool Halloween theme than the ghostly manor and the "999 happy haunts" who reside therein. (By the way: The original Haunted Mansion at Anaheim's Disneyland celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.) So who's the genius behind this creative display? Kara Benson of Daytona Beach, Florida.

As you can see from the video, Kara has gone all out when it comes to honoring both the characters and look of Disney's iconic attraction. For example, she uses the Grave Digger scene from Sinister Shadows Digital Decoration to mimic – you guessed it – the mansion's quivering grave digger. Projected onto her garage is an interior of a haunted room, which she got from the Boo Crew Digital Decoration. In a clever less-is-more move, she didn't use the Boo Crew ghosts, so it would have a similar feel to the Disney attraction.

Of course, there are oodles of skillful effects in Kara's display that don't utilize AtmosFX Digital Decorations. We love them too! Everywhere you look there are perfect little touches that are intended to pay homage to the original theme park attraction.

In fact, many of the techniques Kara uses – like projecting onto three-dimensional objects – are essentially what we call “prop mode displays,” and they are similar to the techniques used in the Haunted Mansion, as well as other theme-park attractions.

Kara tells us the video was the second year she’s paid tribute to this iconic attraction and, even though she’s since moved into a new home, she’s hoping to keep building on it each year. We’re sure her new neighbors will love it.

"I've learned to have a notepad and pen handy when people come by to see my decorations," Kara tells us, "so I can write down and get others started on the fun journey of digital decorating."

Aw, Kara! That is above-and-beyond ... just like your homage to Haunted Mansion Halloween display!

Now, we ask the rest of you: How do you use your AtmosFX Digital Decorations? Do you create a theme? Do you have a specific inspiration? We know there are countless incredible displays out there! You can inspire others just like Kara by sending videos and photos to us via the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame submission form. And while you are there, check out the other incredible creations in the Hall of Fame!

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