Hollusions Made Easy by Clever AtmosFAN

Over the past several weeks, we have been delighted to highlight various AtmosFANs who have shown a particular skill when it comes to deploying a specific display mode with their AtmosFX Digital Decorations. We've recently focused on window mode displays and prop mode displays using the 3DFX Form. (You can find the articles here, and here, respectively.) This week, we thought we'd show how effective (and easy!) Hollusion mode displays can be.

And for that, take a look at what Brad Bring of Sherman Oaks, Calif., sent us. This Halloween video has countless treats (and a few tricks) to enjoy – and we hope you'll savor every last bit of it. But because they are done so well, we want to make sure we highlight the tasty effects he's created using Hollusion mode.

Hollusion mode, for those unfamiliar, is the technique of projecting AtmosFX Digital Decorations onto Hollusion Projection Material, a grey, mesh-like fabric. Because of its darker color and relative transparency (compared to a white screen, for example), the material blends into the darkness when the light gets low. At the same time, you can still project onto it. This makes for what we call a "Hollusion Effect" – the illusion that ghosts (or other characters) are materializing out of thin air.

Right from the start in Brad's video, you can see the undead bust-out sweet moves from the Halloween Zombie Bash Digital Decoration. The Hollusion Projection Material nearly disappears in the darkness, creating a fantastic effect where the neighbors all ask: How did he do that?! (And those questions get asked a lot – Brad says he gets more than 600 visitors coming by his house.)

Another great use of Hollusion Mode comes later in the video. He's stretched Hollusion Projection Material across his garage, and rear-projected the Terrors from Beyond Digital Decoration onto it. It looks great!

As much as we love Brad's Hollusion effects, make sure to watch the whole video – there's a lot of clever creations in there: pumpkin mode display, a 3DFX Form display and a terrific use of Creepy Crawlies 2 on his doorstep. (And that's just the start.) All told, Brad says it takes him about a month to get everything set up the way he wants it. "It's the smiles I get from kids and the thanks from parents that make all the effort worthwhile," he says.

Brad, we love your Halloween spirit! And we love all that you've done here. As for your examples of Hollusion display mode? They are top notch!

Now, for the rest of you, we have a challenge: How do you create your Hollusion mode display? However you do it, we want to see it – and we know the tens of thousands of AtmosFANs from around the globe want to see it, too! Please inspire us and others by sending your videos through our AtmosFAN Hall of Fame application form. And while you're there, check out all the other cool winning decorators like Brad!

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