AtmosFAN Creates Window Display Perfection

This week, we'd like to show you a video that showcases how effective (and easy!) window projections can be. Arriving like a bolt of raucous energy in our inbox like the Phantasm you see 20 seconds into the clip, this video from Donna Jaehrling of Janesville, Wisconsin, couldn't have made us more delighted.

There are countless ways to digitally decorate, but window projections are certainly the most common mode used by AtmosFANs. (You can numerous examples and how-to videos here.) By simply placing some type of semi-opaque material in the window and projecting onto it, you can make it appear that almost anything is inhabiting your house. And when we say anything, we mean it – from the Easter Bunny, to a T-Rex, to the crew of Star Trek: Next Generation.

Donna's video shows how simple it can be to create an effective display. She's loosely hung AtmosFX's Window Projection Material in the two windows, which only takes a few minutes to do. But the trick to creating an eye-popping display is actually an easy one: Make sure the interior of your home is as dark as possible. Donna does this well. She also does a great job setting up the projector in a way that hides the light coming from the projector bulb. She does this by setting the projector not directly perpendicular to the window, but at a slight angle.

In the video, Donna is using scenes from the Terrors from Beyond Digital Decoration, as well as Phantasms. It is a really simple display and, because it is rendered so effectively, it makes a great impact. Sometimes the most simple displays are the ones you remember!

Great job, Donna – clearly, you have mastered the window display! Now, for the rest of you, we have a challenge: How do you create your window display? We want to see it – and we know the tens of thousands of AtmosFANS from around the globe want to see it, too! Please inspire us and others by sending your videos through our AtmosFAN Hall of Fame submission form. And while you're there, check out all the other cool submissions like Donna's!

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