AtmosFAN Creates Phantasmal Prop Mode Display

A few weeks ago, we showcased a video that we considered a prime example of how effective (and easy!) window projections can be. (That video came from Donna Jaehrling of Janesville, Wisconsin, and you can see it here.)

This week, we thought we'd do the same with the 3DFX Form prop display. And sure enough, we came across a terrific example all the way from Manchester, United Kingdom. There, Mike Greenslade put together a simple, yet incredibly effective, prop mode display using the AtmosFX 3DFX Form.

For the uninitiated, Prop Mode is the technique of projecting an AtmosFX Digital Decoration onto a three-dimensional object. Perhaps the most popular use of this technique is the "Pumpkin Mode display," where the Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree Digital Decoration is displayed on three uncarved pumpkins. (You can see some great examples here.) In fact, AtmosFX's newest Halloween Digital Decoration Halloween Moon affords plenty of prop mode opportunities – you can project it onto any round or spherical object to create a dramatic effect.

But we're talking about using the 3DFX Form as the prop on which you project your digital decoration – and Mike does a first class job doing so. As you can see from his video, when you cover the life-size inflatable with the included shroud, you can make the 3DFX Form come alive.

In the case of Mike's display, he's using the Phantasms Digital Decoration. He does a great job training his projector on the form – there's hardly any light spillover, which makes the effect look great. Another trick Mike uses: The rich, dynamic lighting in the background (in a different color) makes the 3DFX Form really pop. And, if there is any light spillover from the projector, the background color hides it.

Clearly, Mike has mastered the Prop Mode display. We love your work, Mike! Now, for the rest of you, we have a challenge: How do you create your prop mode display? Do you project on 3DFX Forms? Pumpkins? Beach balls? Some other three-dimensional object? Whatever it is, we want to see it – and we know the tens of thousands of AtmosFANS from around the globe want to see it, too!

Please inspire us and others by sending your videos through our AtmosFAN of the Week submission form. And while you're visiting, check out all the other cool submissions like Mike's in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame!

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