How to Create a Family Friendly Halloween Decoration Display

We love a good scare, but we know that not everyone does. Frights can be fun, but it can also be tiring to keep having to hose down the sidewalk after a few ‘accidents.’

With that in mind, below we have compiled some great suggestions for dynamic Halloween decoration displays that are 100% fun and 100% family friendly. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to create a scary Halloween display to capture the attention of neighbors and trick-or-treaters. The dynamic possibilities created by AtmosFX Digital Decorations are guaranteed to ensure the neighborhood kids (and their families) are entertained all night long. Just make sure to have extra candy on hand!

Which AtmosFX Digital Decorations are Family Friendly?

If you are looking for AtmosFX Digital Decoration Collections that are family friendly, consider the list below. All of the following digital decorations are suitable for all ages:

It is also worth noting that Bone Chillers and Bone Chillers 2  have several individual decorations that children love – look for the slapstick routines, silly skeletons, or the musical performances. Kids will stand around and watch the skeletons over and over!

Similarly, Dinosaur Encounter isn’t technically a Halloween decoration, but we do know that kids love dinosaurs and we’ve seen plenty of decorators who have used these terrible lizards in their Halloween decoration displays. So, go for it! Just remember, the creatures in Dinosaur Encounter are realistic, so young children might find them frightening.


Great Examples of Family-Friendly Digital Displays

We’ve selected a few videos from our AtmosFANs of the Week to show how easy it is to create displays that are both engaging and family friendly. (And if you haven’t checked out our AtmosFAN Hall of Fame, make sure to do so – there are countless great ideas contained therein, both scary and not.) Oh! And while each of these videos will start at the timestamp that best illustrates the point we are trying to make, we recommend you check out the entire video, because they all have other great examples contained therein!

Video #1

Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree and its sequels are one of AtmosFX’s most popular digital decorations. It is easy to see why – the jovial pumpkins with their jokes and songs are genuinely captivating. And, when projected onto uncarved pumpkins, you won’t see anything like them at any other Halloween display. Here, you can see a great display created by AtmosFAN Jeff Smith.

Video #2

In many ways, the ghosts of Boo Crew are the supernatural equivalent of the chatty pumpkins mentioned above – they are playful, funny and expressive! While they are great flying around inside your house as a window projection, we always love seeing them as an 3DFX Form prop display. Here, Ian Moore, our most recent AtmosFAN of the Week, built three props on which to display these lovable ghosts.


Video #3

One of the sure-fire ways to keep kids and parents glued to your display is to make sure there is some dancing taking place. Halloween Monster Bash, Halloween Zombie Bash and Bone Chillers all have scenes in which monsters and creeps are happily shaking it on the dance floor. This Hollusion display from AtmosFAN Brad Bring shows how fun it can be.

Video #4

The dynamic stained-glass of Halloween Window is another way to revel in beautiful Halloween imagery without being too scary. In this case, AtmosFAN Matt Howard and his family used the digital decoration to create an engaging window that will be a part of a magical Harry Potter-themed Halloween display.

These are just four examples of clever family-friendly Halloween displays – we know there are many, many more out there! Have you created a minimally-scary Halloween display? If so, we want to see it – send your photos and videos to us using this simple submission form!

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