AtmosFAN’s Tidy, yet Captivating, Halloween Display

Halloween is almost here and, like the rest of you, we are giddy with excitement. How will YOU be spending the evening? We encourage all of you to send us photos and videos of your creative displays, and we will continue to share them in the coming months.

But before we send you into the Great Halloween Night, we want to stop off in Port Saint Lucie, Florida – not only because it is probably still warm there. It is where Jeff Smith has put together an impressively tidy, yet completely captivating, Halloween display.

As you can see, Jeff’s display has a little bit of everything – carefully curated, almost like a gallery exhibit of AtmosFX Decoration displays. Like so many talented Halloween decorators, Jeff has been working on his display year-after-year, making subtle adjustments each time he sets it up.

This year, his improvements included a larger high-definition back-projection in his garage, where he displays Halloween Monster Bash and Boo Crew, among other AtmosFX Decorations. He also added a new gravestone, onto which he projects the “Zombie Hand” individual decoration from Sinister Shadows.

Jeff is also projecting Eerie Eyes onto a newly created crystal ball – and that’s just one of the clever prop-mode displays he’s placed in his yard.

The other, of course, is his “pumpkin mode” display of Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree. That, itself, is well done. We love how he embeds Eerie Eyes at the base of the pedestal, giving the entire arrangement a terrific added dimension.

There is another thing that really distinguishes Jeff’s Halloween display – he is extremely thoughtful about the overall presentation. Knowing that the two main focal points are the large projections in his garage and his pumpkin-mode display, he’s timed his projections so that one doesn’t overshadow the other. “When the pumpkins are singing, the garage is animated but not stealing the focus,” Jeff says. “When the garage is playing something significant, the pumpkins just flicker.”

It is this type of attention to detail that can only come with a lot of thought and planning – and the willingness to turn “it up another notch” each Halloween. Jeff’s neighbors, no doubt, approve.

“When I have kids that stand out front and watch the show instead of running off to more houses for candy,” Jeff tells us, “then I feel like it was a successful haunt.”

We couldn’t agree more, Jeff!

To the tens of thousands of Halloween decorators out there, we wish each of you the happiest of Halloweens! Make sure to take many photos and videos of The Big Night – and then send them to us. We’ll be reveling in all of our creative ideas, and we’ll continue to share them in the upcoming months! Happy Halloween!

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