How to Make Your Next Party a "Bash!"

Some of our most popular decorations aren’t just about spooks and scares instead, they feature storytelling, skits, songs, and music! So, we’re proud to present Halloween Zombie Bash, a dancing digital decoration that will “kill” at your next party.

Dead Dead Revolution

This is a great way to break the ice at an event as well as a way to run additional contests besides the costume competition. To get ready, decorate your space with a mini-disco ball, pump up the volume, and clear an open space for dancing. Here’s how to play.

  1. Divide your group into teams (individuals can also play) and have them bid on who can learn a dance routine with the fewest number of viewings. 
  2. The team that bids the lowest goes first. 
  3. Using a large monitor or wall projection, show the group one of the dance routines such as “Boogieman Woogie” or “Chiller Disco Party” but only let them view it the number that they bid. (Note: many of the individual decorations have more than one routine)
  4. Then, they dance! 
  5. The people waiting their turn rate the dancer(s) Olympic judge style.
  6. Repeat the process up the list of individual or teams by the number of views they bid using a different dance routine. 

The winner is determined by the highest total score.

UnDead Stage Show

Are your guests more into being an audience rather than performing? Well, the walking dead don't get stage fright! Set up a stage in your space and add some Hollusion Projection Material. Then, bring on a battle of the undead bands by making a playlist of the “Boneyard Band” from Bone Chillers and the musicians in “Halloween Hootenanny.” Nobody else in your neighborhood will these kind “live” performances — especially because they aren't alive!

Jumpstart the Dancing

It's too late to give CPR to these zany zombies but, you can make a Hollusion an easy way to start the dancing. Zombies can't get embarrassed! Make a playlist with Halloween Zombie Bash, “Dancing Dead” (also from Bone Chillers) and “Family Unit 2” from Macabre Manor to keep your dance floor full and prevent your party from going “dead.”

Graveyard in Your Yard

Halloween Zombie Bash isn’t just an inside display though. Like all AtmosFX digital decorations, you can take the action outside. Hide a Digital Decorating Kit projector behind a tombstone and to have the zany zombies greet your guests. Or, project them in the windows to give your home the look of an old-timey dance hall. Another fun idea is to hang Hollusion projection material and create a display that shows even the dead are dragging themselves out to your party. No, “maybe” on the RSVP here!

Whether you’re partying with the kids or having an adult night out, Halloween Zombie Bash is sure to keep the laughs coming and the toes tapping. Get the complete collection now, at

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