Digital Decorating 101: Decorating in Different Window Shapes, Part 1 (Split Windows)

We say it all the time here at AtmosFX, but it often bears repeating: Every digital decorating experience is unique. The layout, style, and feel of your home play big roles in your results.

One question we see a lot is, what to do when you have a window split in half, blocking the middle of the decoration? Many AtmosFX digital decorations feature most of the action in the center of the frame, so it can be a challenge to decorate a pair of windows with a small section of wall or window frame between them (that’s called a “mullion” if you didn’t already know!).

To start, it’s important to select a decoration that’s compatible with the window you’re decorating. When you’re shopping for digital decorations, make sure to watch the video previews featured on each collection page. This will give you a nearly full-length view of how the individual scenes are framed.

Depending on the exact dimensions of your windows and the type of display you want to create, here are a few recommendations. The following decorations feature action spread throughout the frame instead of focusing the action in the center.

For Halloween:

For other Holidays:

Projection Mapping

More technically advanced decorators can shape their displays around, between, or through spaces with projection mapping software. Projection mapping is a process that allows you to control the shape and timing of the projection. It can produce some highly elaborate effects, but can also be used to make simple transformations, like creating a gap in the decoration image to compensate for a split window. To accomplish this, you’ll need a computer with a compatible video output you can connect to your projector. You’ll also need projection mapping software to control the decorations.

Projection mapping is an advanced tool so it may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, and it will require a little research. A good place to get start learning is There are a few free mapping applications available and you can get going with only a portable computer and a projector. Here’s a link to an introductory video that covers basic concepts and functions of using the free VPT application.

Wherever you’re decorating, we’ve got tips to help. In our next article we’ll talk about using Premium Window Projection Material to decorate circular windows and windows with curved edges. Stay tuned!

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