‘Boo Crew’ Now Available for Download!

It is time to unveil AtmosFX’s next digital decoration for Halloween. What mysteries could be cloaked under those white bed sheets?

Ghosts, of course! Lots of them!

Three rascally specters – Ghouly, Cruelly and Booly ­­– are the stars of our newest family-friendly digital decoration, Boo Crew. But there are many more ghosts than that. And every single ghost is now available for download at the AtmosFX Online Store. Boo Crew is the second Halloween-themed release of the 2017 season, following Paranormal Passage.

Boo Crew is sure to delight the entire family, full of songs, playful banter and an occasional good-natured scare. These bed sheet–cloaked spirits truly embody the Halloween spirit – full of mirth and mischief. And for those who enjoy the witty repartee between the pumpkins of Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree, we think you’ll find extra joy from this digital decoration.

Available exclusively as a digital download, the complete collection of Boo Crew features a total of eight individual decorations, many of which are optimized for Window/TV/Hollusion modes.

Displayed in your window, for example, neighbors might come to believe that when the lights are out, even the resident ghosts in your home are fearful of what might reside just beyond the flashlight’s beam.

And for those who like to create Hollusion effects with AtmosGEAR Hollusion Projection Material, these spirits are the perfect subject. It is easy to create characters that appear to gracefully materialize from thin air – and, depending on their mood, moan, laugh or shriek the night away.

The complete collection of Boo Crew also includes three decoration bundles optimized for the AtmosGEAR 3DFX Form, including two original Halloween songs and skits. There’s even a Halloween-themed riff based on Abbott and Costello’s famous “Who’s on First” skit.

Boo Crew is now available as a high-definition (HD) digital download only at the AtmosFX Online Store. The complete collection retails for $39.99, or $9.99 for each individual scene. Click here to buy now!

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