Multiple Decoration Modes Built to Perfection

It is the time we all have been waiting for – our displays are scaring (or charming) at full strength, attracting kids and their parents from across town. (Reminder: Buy more candy.) For us here at AtmosFX, this is why we do what we do – we simply love seeing the boundless creativity of our fans. With that in mind, keep sending photos and videos from The Big Night – after all, it is never too early to get inspired for next Halloween!

This week, we want to show you what Junior Santos has created at his El Dorado Hills, Calif., home. This simple-yet-effective home display feels like an AtmosFX dream – a showcase of projection modes, including wall, Hollusion, prop and window. Six projectors total, each used to near perfection.

Take your pick: Junior's displays all look great – the prop mode with Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree, the crystal-clear window display featuring Bone Chillers, or the playful ghosts of Boo Crew materializing on AtmosFX Hollusion Projection Material. We especially love the projection of tarantulas from Creepy Crawlies 2 onto his driveway. Junior says he hid the projector high up in a tree.

But what does he do if the weather becomes miserable?

"Thankfully, I live in Southern Cali," he says. "It barely rains."

Still, he placed the projector (as well as another) in a water-proof plastic ammunition case, where he cut holes for ventilation, and another hole (covered with clear acrylic) for the lens. Junior found the solution to be cheap and very effective. Plus, it comes with holes for a lock. "I've used these cases last year in the rain with fantastic success," he adds.

This is only Junior's second year using AtmosFX Digital Decorations. Originally, he was intrigued with the idea of projection mapping and was doing research for a Christmas display for his home. "I found your decorations so much easier than having to learn advanced mapping software," he says.

He’ll be decorating for Christmas, too. And we can’t wait to see what he comes up with. But as much as we love everything about Junior's current display, here's something he told us that makes us like it even more:

"My family and I moved here a few months ago. We had a hard time connecting with our neighbors," Junior says. "Since setting my decorations I instantly got to know most of them on my block. It was the perfect ice breaker. My kids were so happy to get to know other kids. We constantly have them outside staring at our house. Love it!"

That's what Halloween is all about. Great work, Junior!

All right, Halloween fans, you’re on the clock! Send us photos and videos of your Halloween displays! We’ll be awarding more AtmosFAN of the Week crowns as long as we keep getting great submissions like this one. Send your photos and YouTube links to And Happy Halloween!

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