Three AtmosFANs Display our Three Newest Decorations

Where do we go to find good cheer? Certainly not the post office, this time of year. Instead, we look to Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community user’s group – there are always incredible ideas on display, plus a thoughtful community ready to welcome newbies and help troubleshoot problems.

We will admit, we also love this Facebook community because it is a great place to spot our latest decorations being used by truly imaginative and talented people! (Sort of like watching your kid play on Monday Night Football.) Below are three active members of Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community who have done a terrific job displaying our three newest decorations.

When the Gingerbread Lane Decoration Collection was in the planning stages, we knew that it was a great candidate to be displayed as a snow globe. AtmosFAN James H. clearly thought that too, given he created this display out of an inflatable vinyl prop. We think it looks great, though James did post to the community that, of his five children, three preferred the snow globe display of Enchanted Snowman Decoration Collection to Gingerbread Lane’s two. Still, we won’t complain!If you have been reading the AtmosFAN of the Week blogposts over the years, you’ll know that we’re big fans of projecting on garage doors. Why? Because it is often like having a large movie screen attached to the front of your house! Joshua F. certainly seems to think so too, and his crystal-clear projection of Santa’s Bakery Decoration certainly supports his case.For tech-savvy decorators who have spare time, we love seeing whole-house projection mapping displays. But as Michelle R. ably proves, you don’t need special software or a ton of time to create a stunning projection on the entire house – you just need a powerful projector. Here, Michelle projects Santa’s Mailroom Decoration across her entire home, creating an easy-to-set-up holiday spectacle that can be enjoyed even blocks away.

Whether you are a member of Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community or not, we still want to see how you are decorating for the holiday season! Send your photos and videos to us using this simple online submission form, and you may be crowned the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Everyone who enters earns points for use in the AtmosFX online store, and winners earn a free decoration collection of their choice.

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