Oh Baby! AtmosFAN Documents Unusual Pregnancy

With the New Year comes new beginnings, and that must’ve been on our minds when we came across this amusing projection submitted by Stephen A., of Gaithersburg, Maryland. Yes, that is the pregnant belly of Stephen’s daughter-in-law. And no, that is not Rosemary’s Baby in there. Just days before Stephen was about to welcome his first grandchild into the world, he and his daughter-in-law decided they’d have a little fun with a projection from Paranormal Passage Decoration Collection.

“I thought it would look cool,” Stephen tells us, “as so many women say they can feel and see the baby moving.”

Of course, what wasn’t so cool was the fact that the baby inside does not appear to be of human origin! But that, of course, is what makes this video so much fun. And more than a few people were convinced.

“Mother-in-law thought this was the baby really moving,” Stephen adds. “Everyone got a good laugh and a lot of people thought it was real.”

But after a few laughs, the most important event took place just a few days later: Stephen became a grandfather to a (100% human) baby boy!

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