Three AtmosFAN Christmas Displays, Each Just a Little Bit Different

How do YOU celebrate the Christmas season? Everyone does it just a little bit differently – and we are certain that is exactly the right way. This week we feature three Christmas decoration displays that are like stocking-stuffers – smaller, clever and absolutely unique!

And speaking of The Big Day, if you haven’t yet sent us your holiday decoration displays, make sure to do so! After we’ve woken up from our post–Christmas dinner nap, we’ll be assembling another 2020 Holiday Sightings video – and we want to make sure to see as many celebrations as possible. It’s easy to submit your video here.

OK, onto these Christmas appetizers! Eat up!

Yuletide Window Shines in Any Weather

Daryl H. of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, found a great spot above his garage to display Yuletide Window Decoration – he just needed to make sure he had a weather-safe location to place his projector. He found his solution right in his garage! “I just pull my SUV out of the garage, and plug in the projector,” Daryl tells us. “It takes maybe three minutes to set up, and the bulk of the time is waiting for the projector to warm up.”

Santa Lives to Deliver Another Day

This is exactly the type of holiday display we just love! Of course, Inferno Decoration doesn’t normally fit in the Christmas genre, but when it is used in conjunction with three inflatables, you’ve got something. Here, at the home of Matthew S. in Cincinnati, Ohio, Santa flees a house on fire, preparing to jump into a net held by two helpful snowmen.

A New Take on Window Projection

Of course, we’ve all seen AtmosFX Decorations projected in windows, but Simon S. of Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, takes it to another level. Here, he’s built a small illuminated village in his window, with Santa’s Sleigh Ride Decoration projected in the background. The three-dimensional aspect of his display gives it great depth and instills a lovely sense of wonder!

Thank you Daryl, Matthew and Simon for bringing us joy during this holiday season – your cleverness shines bright!

How are you decorating for the holiday season? We want to see it – make sure to send us your photos and videos using this easy submission form!

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