Gourdy's Patch: Celebrate St. Pat’s the Right Way!

Gourdy here! Do you know what I think of when March 17 approaches? HALLOWEEN, obviously! I suppose many of you might say St. Patrick's Day. Critical thinkers like me say Halloween, and here's why. Born from ancient Celtic tradition, the festival "Samhain" was totally Halloween before Halloween was Halloween.

Get this: The ancient Celts believed in ghosts who walked the planet during Samhain. Sounds like Halloween, right? And on Samhain, people would dress in costumes, and even leave treats outside their house for these wandering ghosts. Sounds like Halloween, right?! And while I personally find the practice of pumpkin-mutilation barbaric, the ancient Celts even invented the jack-o’-lantern!

I rest my case!!!

Don’t get me wrong – I love all holidays. (We’ll, except maybe this one on Dec. 23 – radishes are such egomaniacs!) But St. Patrick’s Day? I support any holiday that celebrates stubby orange characters, even if I wish it was a little more like Samhain. Anyway, I’ve got a few ideas on how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day like most of world, except way better.

Scary St. Patrick's Day Haunts

For example, if you are looking for a place to celebrate the scarier side of St. Patrick's Day, I've got a few places to go. These people get it!

Green (and Sometimes Scary) St. Patrick's Day Food

And if you prefer to stay in and host your own party, make sure to decorate with AtmosFX's Happy St. Patrick's Day Digital Decoration. Warning: It isn't scary. Still, we won't let that ruin a party. Here a few good St. Patrick's Day food items that are (mostly) on message.

Irish Horror Movies

Lastly, once your party guests have left, make sure to settle in for a good, scary Irish horror movie! It’s the perfect way to end a great holiday!


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