Great Ways to Decorate for New Years Eve

What’s a New Year’s party without confetti, balloon drops and fireworks? And of course, cleaning it all up the next day? (Especially indoor fireworks – don’t get us started on that!) With Celebrations Party Time Decoration, you’ve got countless ways to create an utterly original New Year’s decoration display that will be an instant hit – but with none of the mess. What could be better than that?

Some folks have even played the Celebrations Party Time fireworks on Pixel LED screens.

For those unfamiliar, Celebrations Party Time is one of AtmosFX’s earliest creations – a decoration packed with numerous dynamic images perfect for any special occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, Independence Day, dances, homecomings – you name it. And, lest we forget: New Year’s Eve!

So how might you use this decoration to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Whether you are hosting a party, entertaining the children and family, or just wanting to create something truly special to ring in the New Year, we have some ideas for you.

A Party They’ll Never Forget

For those of you who are hosting a party on New Year’s Eve, there are multiple ways you can use Celebrations Party Time to great effect. And we are not kidding about this decoration being comparatively mess-free – no matter how you use any AtmosFX Decoration, putting the projector away (and maybe some projection material) is the extent of the clean-up.

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Since most New Year’s parties are indoors, find a big wall where everyone will be congregating. Put the decoration on “loop,” and you’ll have an endless cascade of silver and gold balloons – or colorful confetti – adding to the vibe of your party. Make sure to place your projector up high, if possible – this way, your partygoers won’t block the projection beam.

Trust us, wherever you point your projector, that is where your guests will focus. Some people choose to project onto the wall behind the bar or the buffet table, or maybe the dance floor. If you have a DJ at your party – projecting on the wall near the DJ is the perfect location!

Here’s a tip: Remember that no matter what you project during the party, make sure to save something special for when the clock strikes 12:00. That might be the fireworks that spell out “Happy New Year,” or perhaps a banner raised by balloons that says the same thing.

Televisions and computer monitors are a great resource, too. And the rule is true here, too: Wherever you display Celebrations Party Time, that is where partygoers will focus. So, if you don’t want to use a projector to display decorations on your wall, know that a TV will work great behind the bar or buffet table, or near the dance floor, as well.

And while New Year’s parties are obviously the places where you want to go big with your decorating, know that you can always take it small, too. For instance, just as you might display fireworks or a balloon drop on your TV, you can do the same on a tablet or digital picture frame. Then, place it in a location where people will see it – like the hors d’oeuvre table.

Or, if you still have your Christmas Village on display, you can do what Grace Dizon did at her San Francisco home. She simply displayed the fireworks from Celebrations Party Time on her mantle, giving the village a timely update!

Ring in the New Year

Even if you are not hosting a New Year’s party, there are still many great ways you can ring in the new year with Celebrations Party Time. Start with your windows – especially if you have Window Projection Material already set up because of your Christmas display. Just shine the fireworks or balloons in the window, and everyone will know that your house is ready to ring in the New Year. (And if hosting a party, it’s a great way to signal to your guests that they’ve come to the right place!)

If you really want to “wow” the neighborhood, then consider hanging some AtmosFX Hollusion Projection Material up high – from the trees or even above your roofline. There, the material will disappear into the darkness. But when you project onto it – magic! Or, more accurately – fireworks!

Your New Year’s celebration can start early (and often!) when you string-up AtmosFX Hollusion Projection Material on your rooftop and project onto it the fireworks from Celebrations Party Time Decoration.

The “Festive Fireworks” individual decoration is perfect for this – it will appear that an endless array of fireworks are exploding high above your home. If you are having a party, have everyone come outside when 12:00 approaches, and then welcome the New Year with a grand display. Or, simply keep the display going all evening with your display on “loop.”

Heck, given that you’re in control – if the young ones are struggling to stay awake for the New Year, then give them their own fireworks display earlier in the night, and send them off to bed. Then, you’ll be free to ring in the New Year a second time with the adults!

The ways you can use Celebrations Party Time to ring in the New Year are truly endless – this versatile decoration can be used in so many ways! So let’s cut loose and celebrate! And make sure to send us photos and videos using this simple online submission form!

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