AtmosFAN Brings the Bling to the Workplace

No surprise here, but we think people should digitally decorate everywhere. Most of you reading this have found ways to add some digital pizazz to your home for one holiday or another. But how many of you have used AtmosFX Digital Decorations in your place of work?

That's why we love to see what Tonya Kauhi and her colleagues at the Port of Tacoma (Wash.) created during the recent holiday season. They turned their stretch of cubicles into the "Aisle of Misfit Toys" – a pun on the 2001 Rudolf-spinoff animated special, Island of Misfit Toys.

As you can see from the photos, Tonya and her officemates did not skimp when it came to importing copious amounts of snow, snowflakes, lights and presents for the display. But what really pushed the presentation over the top was their clever use of what most offices already have in great quantity: computer monitors.

Tonya's colleagues built foam fireplace facades around their desktop monitors, and then played the "Holiday Hearth" scene from the Night Before Christmas digital decoration. Their prop-making made it appear that there was a glowing fireplace in each cubicle – at least until Santa's elves came down to extinguish the flames in preparation for Santa's descent. (Or, the reverse, when the elves would re-ignite the fire after he left!)

"People were always surprised when the elves came down the chimney," Tonya tells us. "This projection was a big reason why we won the group decorating contest."

That's right. Not only did Tonya and her colleagues bring joy to their fellow employees, but they also earned the port's coveted light-up Christmas Tree Trophy for their efforts. Which probably means they might've also brought a little envy to their colleagues, too!

Do you use AtmosFX Digital Decorations in your place of work? We want to see how you do it! Send your photos and YouTube links to and show us how your workplace does it right!

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