Eerie Spell Book Summons Up AtmosFAN of the Week Honor

This magnificent hand-held DIY spell book was created by Sahara Sears of Virginia Beach, Virginia. “I've been wanting to make a cool spell book,” Sahara says, “so when I saw the Eerie Eyes decoration I knew I could make a Halloween prop that really makes an impression.” That is an understatement! Sahara and her husband host a yearly Halloween party for more than 100 people at their home. For this year's theme, she knew she wanted a book of spells that could serve as an effective prop. Then, she realized it would be even more mesmerizing if she could pick it up and carry it around. It quickly became an accessory to her witch costume when she attended other friends’ parties.

That’s a pretty cost-effective decoration and something we’re sure many people could easily emulate.

Sahara tells us that she first learned of AtmosFX from her mother and has used a wide array AtmosFX Decoration Collections to set the mood ever since. She’s made picture frames to display UnLiving Portraits, erected Hollusion Projection Material in her front yard to project the dancing skeletons of Bone Chillers, even created a creepy laboratory to confine the undead of Zombie Invasion! Her theme changes each year, and each time she seems to have found some new way to use the decorations to great effect.

We look forward to seeing what you do for your next Halloween party, Sahara! And, for sharing with us this clever and easy way to utilize Eerie Eyes, we name you AtmosFAN of the Week!

Keep the submissions coming! We always want to see them, and so do many other Halloween decorators! Show us how you’re using AtmosFX Decorations and YOU may be our next AtmosFAN of the Week! Send your photos and videos to us using this simple online submission form.

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