Great Ways to put a Finishing Touch on Your Halloween Display

By this time of year, most of us have long since had our Halloween displays not only up-and-running, but going engines blazing, full-speed ahead. After all, Halloween isn’t a one-night event – it is an experience!

But even if your display has been fully operational since September 15, we know that tinkering with it to make it even better is half the fun. (OK, scaring the pants off your neighbors is half the fun, but you get our point.) Either way, we know there are always small things you can do to your Halloween display to make it even better – and we have some ideas for you.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Of course, your walls and windows are already likely to be covered by AtmosFX Decorations, but there is one surface that frequently gets overlooked – the floor. Both inside and out, you can create a mystifying surface projection on your driveway, patio, entryway floor or garage floor. The key, of course, is to get your projector up high and project down.

Spectral Signs Decoration is a great decoration for the floor – especially in areas leading up to the house like the driveway, or pathway to the front door. Use “Fearful Footprints” individual decoration to create the illusion that strange ghosts are wandering the premises. “Words of Warning” individual decoration works great, too – leaving the impression that those same ghosts are leaving menacing messages for the mortals who approach your house.

Creepy Crawlies 2 Decoration Collection is another great decoration for the floor – especially in dark or cramped areas like the garage or hallway. It is easy to make it look as though snakes, mice, tarantulas or cockroaches are pouring out of an opening in the floor. Some clever decorators will even toss some uncooked macaroni onto the floor to add a mortifying crunch as the bugs stream out!

Decorating Disc XL Works Everywhere

If you are wondering where you might utilize the AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL, we suggest you think of it this way: It is a portable circular window with Window Projection Material permanently attached. Or, more simply put – it can be used anywhere!

For instance, because the Decorating Discs XL is lightweight, it is easy to hang up in high places where you might have not otherwise decorated. From the limbs of a tree, for example, or a clothesline or discreetly placed wire. When you project onto the discs, it looks like a strange portal from which otherworldly beings are trying to enter! Paranormal Passage Decoration is great for this. So too is Eerie Eyes Decoration – the Decorating Disc is a fantastic way to display one large eye that looks down from the darkness, menacingly leering all those below it!

The Decorating Disc XL can also be placed in conspicuous places indoors to equally great effect. Hang it in a corner, perhaps above the bar or DJ during a Halloween party for a dynamic (and easy) decoration. (Sinister Shadows Decoration Collection looks wonderful here.) And for those of you who prefer to not cover your entire window with Window Projection Material, you can still use that window to dramatic effect by placing the Decorating Disc XL in it. When you project onto it, not only will you create something mesmerizing in your window, but you’ll still be able to see out to watch the passersby stop and stare!

Don’t Waste Tablets, Monitors and Phones

If you have an unused tablet, monitor or phone, put it to good use! That screen is a great way to “hide” a ghost in a place where people won’t suspect it. That’s always where the best surprises are!

The trick is to take any of the specter-centric AtmosFX Decorations like Ghostly Apparitions 1, 2 or 3, Phantasms, or Ghostly Pets and copy the Hollusion Mode decorations onto it. Then take your Hollusion Projection Material (or similar gauzy material) and – here’s the surprising part – loosely drape it over your the screen. Not only does this help disguise the shape of the monitor or tablet, but it also softens the image on the screen, making it more mysterious and ethereal.

Now, stick that tablet or monitor somewhere where people won’t expect it. For instance, place that monitor in the window near the doorbell or in a Halloween-themed wreath. As trick-or-treaters approach, they’ll encounter something they never expected. Or, take that unused smartphone and stick it in a party decoration, like a dollhouse or jack-o’-lantern. As people come to take a closer look, they’ll be in for quite a shock!

Build Within Theme

Lastly, remember that even if you’ve got your Halloween display totally dialed, there is often an opportunity to find another AtmosFX Decoration that builds on a theme you’ve already established. And that leads to even cooler displays!

For instance, for those who have built a pirate-themed display, that probably means they’re probably already using the “Ghost Pirate” individual decoration from Ghostly Apparitions 3. But what fits right along with it? Any of the two Bone Chillers decorations and all those skeletons – but particularly the sequel, which has some great (and scary) grotto scenes.

Or, those who have the aristocratic ghosts of Macabre Manor Decoration in their Halloween display, it seems like the “Twisted Twins” of Ghostly Apparitions 3 would fit right in.

And while we’re on the subject of haunted mansions, know that there are several familiar characters in AtmosFX’s newest decoration, Hall of Haunts – so, there’s another great opportunity to bring together a theme with something you’ve already created!

How do you decorate your house for Halloween? No matter how you do it, we want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form and you may become the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Not only will you earn Kudos for use at, but you could also win a free decoration collection!

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