AtmosFANs Inspire Others with Clever ‘How-to’ Videos

With Halloween just seven weeks away, we know there are so many of you building so many impressive displays. We love seeing them! (And we encourage you to keep sending them to us!) There’s nothing better than inspiring people inspiring others.

With that in mind, we thought we’d showcase just a few people that are making it their mission to inspire others through their own how-to videos. Yeah, we know there’s nothing new about how-to videos – we’ve all used YouTube to learn how to replace that thing that keeps clogging the dishwasher, or how to get all that gross stuff out of the laundry hamper.

But we want to focus on stuff that is really important – Halloween how-to videos. The people who are not just creating Halloween displays and props, or experimenting with new ideas, but those who are capturing it all on video and then carefully detailing how they did it for the rest of us. Yes, we’ve all searched YouTube for these, too. But we want to raise them up because ideas beget more ideas, and so on. And great things come from that! And who doesn’t need that as we approach the Halloween home stretch?

One last thing. Some of these videos we’ve found on Facebook community groups like AtmosFX Decorating Community or AtmosFX Fanatics – also great places to share ideas and build community. (So make sure to check these, and others, out.) And, too, we know there are zillions of others who are creating great Halloween how-to videos – those with huge audiences, and those with just a few. But they’re all so valuable. So make sure you seek out your own to inspire you – there are so many clever creators out there!

Jason Miller

We always love garage door displays – front projection, back projection, anything! They’re like having a movie screen on your house. And then there is Jason’s garage door that is another thing altogether.

Jeff Ropelato

A great how-to, of course, doesn’t have to be about creating cool prop. Here, Jeff Ropelato teaches people how to use Adobe After Effects to modify the colors on the Boo Crew Digital Decoration Collection.

Projectors Lab

We’ll forgive the Projectors Lab for making fun of our price for Window Projection Material – we understand people may want other options. But we are grateful for their speedy how-to on creating a simple projection screen. And the results look great!

Haunting With Tricia

Haunting with Tricia tests something that we expect to see a lot of this Halloween – the “Trunk-and-Treat.” Here, she sets up Eerie Eyes Digital Decoration in her car, to great effect. (We also love the detail in the schematic of her Halloween display!)

Toil & Trouble’s DIY

We’ve been a fan of Zach Breaux for years – it has been terrific to watch how his Halloween display has grown. And, too, his YouTube Channel!


What are you creating this Halloween? Are you documenting it to inspire others? If so, we want to see what you are up to! Send your photos and videos to us using this easy submission form!


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