AtmosFAN's Vibrant Display Builds Community

With Halloween a little more than a month away, it is time to get the blood pumping with a straight-up, full-throttle, good-time Halloween display. And for that, we bring you Kirk Crenshaw of Alameda, Calif. Kirk's Halloween display has a little bit of everything – and is just the thing we need to get pumped-up for October 31.

We love the whole package – the animatronics, the flashing lights, the color, the fog machines, the window projection of Phantasms Digital Decoration ... the large installations and the small details.

But what we really love about Kirk's video is how clearly his home has become a spot for the entire neighborhood to come together. There is a positive energy here - and we're not just talking about the decorations. The energy comes from kids and families hanging around and engaging with the display; Kirk says he will get 2,000 visitors coming to his door. Kirk's house is clearly the place to be!

Of course, the decorations are fantastic, too. The giant pumpkin-skeleton is a genuine work of art – as are the intricately carved pumpkins at its feet. And the giant spider and its all-encompassing web is equally awe-inspiring.

The spider brings up another interesting thing in Kirk's display. In the previous few weeks we have highlighted AtmosFANs who have built their Halloween displays around themes – Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, for example, or Disney's Haunted Mansion. Kirk's display shows that you don't necessarily have to create a theme around a movie of a theme-park attraction – any theme will do.

In this case: The more you look at his video, the more spiders you see. Thematically, Kirk's display is hardly exclusively spiders – but it is a running thread throughout the display. Using Creepy Crawlies 2 Digital Decoration, there are window and wall projections of spiders all over the house. Similarly, there are smaller spiders and webs stretched all over the place. Kirk is onto something: Any time you can run a thematic thread though your display, it really increases the complexity and visual appeal.

You've really given us a Halloween rush, Kirk – it is as though we've eaten all our trick-'r'-treat candy in one sitting. We love it! Your display is a great example how an engaging and well-designed display brings a community together. And community is what Halloween is all about.

How do you build community with your Halloween display? We want to be inspired – and so do countless Halloween fans from around the globe! Send us your photos and videos through our easy AtmosFAN application form. And while you are there, check out all the great displays from the many other AtmosFANs of the Week!

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