AtmosFAN Creates ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Display

One of the things we love about AtmosFX Digital Decorations is how flexible they can be. We've seen them used as part of Harry Potter displays, A Christmas Carol display – even Star Wars Halloween displays. AtmosFX Digital Decorations are just the start of any truly creative display.

That brings us to what Allison Gifford and her husband Javier D'Amico sent us. Each year at their Henderson, Nevada, home they do a Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween display. We're pretty sure Jack Skellington couldn't be more proud.

As you can see from the video – everything Allison and Javier have put together are built around Tim Burton's 1993 animated classic. Allison tells us that her husband is the lead designer for the display, which takes about three days to put together. She says the neighbors love it – and no surprise, the detail is terrific!

Of course, we are particularly enthused by the great use of the Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree Digital Decoration, which can be seen about a half-minute into the video. (But don't skip to that – everything in this video is worth a look!) It is a great use of the "Pumpkin Mode" display, where three uncarved pumpkins are made to look as though they are singing and joking with each other.

This is a wonderful example of how an AtmosFX Digital Decoration doesn't need to be the "headliner" of a particular display – but when you tuck it into an already captivating presentation, it only makes it better!

Great work Allison and Javier – you clearly have both Halloween AND Christmas locked down. Your Night Before Christmas display looks simply fantastic!

Now, the rest of you: How do you celebrate Halloween ... or Christmas? We know there are tens of thousands of incredible displays out there. You can inspire others by sending videos and photos to us via our AtmosFAN Hall of Fame application page. And while you are there, get inspired by checking out the other incredible creations in the Hall of Fame!

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