AtmosFAN of the Week: 'Darth the Halls'

Because everything in the universe is inexorably pulled toward the unyielding gravitational force that is Star Wars, we’d like to show you the creation by Ivan Marasca of Orlando, Florida. The two-time AtmosFAN of the Week has intermingled his love for Star Wars and Christmas in one galacticly glorious display.

Ivan says it began in 2015. “It started with a lonely Yoda and it grew from there,” he says. “I figured why not have a mixed theme of two of my favorite things?”

Every year it has continued to grow, much to the delight of the neighborhood. “It has unexpectedly become a neighborhood tradition,” Ivan tells us. “During Christmas you can see the kids coming to and from my house, sometimes in their pajamas as they say goodnight to Santa.”

They can also say goodnight to Jabba the Hutt, Yoda and Darth Vader, who seems to have uncharacteristically gotten into the holiday spirit judging by his red Santa cap. (And don’t think Ivan only mixes his themes on the outside of his house. Check out his Star Wars–themed Christmas tree here.)

Mixed-theme aside, it is also worth noting Ivan’s great presentation in his garage of the Santa’s Workshop Decoration Collection. He built a simple false wall using foam insulation sheets and brick-like self-adhesive wallpaper. Then, in the fake windowsill, he back-projected Santa’s Workshop onto Window Projection Material stretched tight. The display is clear and incredibly crisp.

Elsewhere, Ivan also has another sharp window display of the Night Before Christmas Decoration Collection and, if you look closely, the Halloween-themed Christmas tree from the Virtual Christmas Tree Decoration Collection. If we’re mixing themes, after all, why not another?!

Ivan, your mixed-theme holiday display brought joy to our hearts – and isn’t this the time of year for a little more joy? For this, we name you AtmosFAN of the Week!

How are you bringing joy to your neighborhood? Spread the joy even further by sending your photos and videos to us using this simple online submission form. You may even become the next AtmosFAN of the Week like Ivan!

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