Great Ways to Use ‘Halloween Monster Bash’ and ‘Halloween Zombie Bash’

When using AtmosFX Decorations in your Halloween display, you’ll find that there are countless reasons why you might be drawing an unusually large crowd. But when it comes to getting those crowds to start shakin’ their booties, there is almost always one good reason for that. Or, better said, two good reasons: Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash decoration collections.

Marc Orfitelli’s Halloween setup at his Southington, Conn., home features a terrific back-projection of Halloween Monster Bash Decoration Collection. Read about it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.

Think of these two AtmosFX Decorations as siblings – Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash are similar in every way, except for the characters depicted therein. As you might guess by the titles, one features cartoony-versions of classic monsters (such as Dracula, Frankenstein and the Werewolf) while the other features … you guessed it! … zombies!

In the case of both decorations, the monsters and zombies have put on their dancing shoes and are ready to cut loose. There are three individual decorations where they dance (including a Thriller-style dance), and another where they pick up instruments and play to their heart’s content. There’s also individual decorations where the monsters and zombies make silly faces for the audience, and another where they make scarier faces.

It is good to remember that the dance moves and music are the same in both decorations. That means if you purchase both (and there’s a $10 discount if you do), then you know that you’ll be able to mix-and-match scenes interchangeably – making for an extended dance party. Or, if your decoration theme is better suited for just one decoration, that’s easy, too – just pick the best match!

Oh! Don’t forget that no matter how you display Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash, make sure to have speakers on hand. Bluetooth-enabled speakers – like the AtmoSonic Bluetooth Speaker by Philips – are great for this, because everyone will want to hear music so they can dance along with it!

Get the Party Started with Surface Projections

There are two very good reasons why the most popular way to display Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash is a surface projection. The first is this: It is incredibly easy.

The second is that most surfaces tend to be walls, and they typically have another large surface nearby — floors. And ample floor space is essential when people tend to gather to dance. And that is what will happen when you project either of these AtmosFX Decorations on a wall!

The real trick is finding the best place to display the decorations, so that people can watch, listen and dance. For outdoor decoration displays, garage doors are perfect because it is typically a very large space to display projection, as well as the driveway is a great place for people to gather. Hot tip: If projecting onto your garage door, make sure to place the projector up high. This way, when people collect in the driveway, they won’t cast a shadow on the display. (There’s another trick … but we’ll save that for the ‘party in Your ’ section. See below!)

Indoor walls work great, too. Especially for children’s Halloween parties. Find a wall near where the kids gather, clear out the furniture, and project Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash onto it. Again, place that projector up high! It is guaranteed to be the highlight of the event – for both parents and kids!

And while we are talking about kids’ Halloween parties, know that, like all AtmosFX Decorations, Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash can be played on a TV, monitor or tablet. The TV, in particular, is another great way to get the kids dancing!

Party in Your Window

Window projecting, of course, is the technique of using your projector to display onto your window, making it look to those on the outside that a major dance party is taking place in your home or office. Simply place Window Projection Material in your window and let Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash rip. Given that many windows facing the sidewalk are also the largest on the house, it will have the same effect as projecting on the garage door. The only difference? People might just start dancing on your lawn!

That gets us to what we alluded to above. Another way to solve the problem of dancers getting in the way of your projection beam is to back-project from inside your garage. To do that, you need to place Window Projection Material across the entire opening of your garage door. After all, this is just like projecting onto a window – except, in this case, there is no glass. Many Halloween decorators find that two sheets of AtmosFX Window Projection Material XL can cover a typical two-car garage easily. There are even grommets which makes it easy to lash them together!

Hollusions Work, too!

Lastly, Hollusion Mode Displays are another terrific way to present Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash. This is the technique of projecting AtmosFX Decorations onto a dark mesh-like material, like AtmosFX’s own Hollusion Projection Material. The material is able to capture and display the image from the projector, but dark enough to fade into the darkness when the lights get low. This effect is a favorite of decorators who like to make it look like ghosts are appearing and disappearing into thin air. (Click here to read about great ways to master this technique.)

While the monsters and zombies of Halloween Zombie Bash and Halloween Monster Bash don’t disappear into thin air, it is still a great effect, especially in a busy Halloween display. Any dark part of the display will work well – try hanging the material from a tree limb, arbor or clothesline. When night falls, the material will become nearly invisible, and all people will see is the zombies and monsters clearly having a good time!

That, of course, is the point. Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash guarantee that a good time will be had of all who encounter it. And with that, one last tip: As the host, make sure you have plenty of extra trick-or-treat candy for all those famished dancers!

How will you use the Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash decoration collections this Halloween season? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form and we will post some of our favorite examples!

How do others use the Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash decoration collections? Check it out here!

Vicky Vilaret of St. Petersburg, Florida, put together a “Hallowedding” theme at her home, utilizing Zombie Bash Digital Decoration as a way to enhance their playfully macabre matrimonial proceedings. Read about it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.
The YouTuber called TFD360 back-projects Halloween Monster Bash Decoration Collection in his garage on large panels of Window Projection Material. Then, in the foreground, he projects on a 3DFX Form, creating compelling depth. Read about it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.
Jeff Smith of Port Saint Lucie, Florida, has put together an impressively tidy, yet completely captivating, Halloween display, featuring back-projection in his garage, where he displays Halloween Monster Bash and Boo Crew, among other digital decorations. Read about it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.
This Hollusion display from AtmosFAN Brad Bring shows how fun Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash can be. Read about it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.

Check out how these and other AtmosFANs have decorated with the Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash decoration collections (and other decorations) in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame!

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