AtmosFAN Celebrates a ‘Hallowedding’

As many of you know, we always love it when our AtmosFANs create digital displays based on a theme. We've seen so many great themes like Nightmare Before Christmas or Harry Potter Halloween. Oh, who could forget Star Wars Christmas?!

In our humble opinion, these are terrific displays of creativity – taking a little of this, a little of that, and creating something new. That's what Vicky Vilaret of St. Petersburg, Florida, did. She and her family put together a "Hallowedding" theme and it looks simply fantastic.

Vicky tells us that, in the past, her family typically spends about a day setting up their Halloween display. But last year, they decided to “up their game” by incorporating enhanced lighting, posable skeletons and AtmosFX Digital Decorations. It would take a few extra days for set-up and testing, but they were going to go for it.

Vicky and her family live in the Old Northeast neighborhood near downtown St. Petersburg, a very popular destination for trick-or-treaters. She says that the neighborhood typically will get about 2,000 trick-or-treaters (and their parents) on Halloween night. So, if they were indeed going to “up their game,” they knew they had to do it right.

And they certainly did!

They chose AtmosFX's Halloween Zombie Bash Digital Decoration as a way to enhance their playfully macabre matrimonial proceedings. “We chose Halloween Zombie Bash because it was family friendly, and the music really livened up the set,” Valerie tells us. “The background colors tied in perfectly with our graveyard lighting and ‘Hallowedding’ theme.”

The graveyard lighting is, indeed, spectacular. And we love the imagination and detail in all the wedding participants – particularly the wedding photographer!

Great stuff, Vicky! We love how you and your family upped your game! And we can’t wait to see what you do for next Halloween!

Have you created an unusual theme with your AtmosFX Digital Decorations for Halloween, Christmas … or any other holiday? If so, make sure to send photos or videos to us – there's a whole world out there that is eager to be inspired by your ideas! It is easy to send them to us – do so here!

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