It Came From Meow-ter Space!

Do you hear a low rumbling purr in the distance? Is it thunder? Some kind of motor? That ominous sound is our newest AtmosFEARfx Digital Decoration, lurking in the shadows, soon to pounce on its unsuspecting prey!

Our most dedicated fans have made their opinion loud and clear – and the evil geniuses in the AtmosFX Developmental Dungeon are ready to give you exactly what you want. Prepare for a cataclysm only AtmosFEARfx could imagine: Cat Invasion!

What’s more fearsome than murderous felines? How about murderous feline outlaws from outer space with laser beams coming out of their eyes? Yeah, you read that right.

Enjoy awesome thrills as you witness a horde of fuzzy invaders level entire city blocks, and scream in terror as you see their victims get buried in a landslide of kitty litter! You’ve never seen Mittens like this. Display the furry menace on your wall, window, or TV/monitor and watch your guests scatter like helpless mice! Cringe as these cuddly killers wreak hairball havoc on everything they can get their paws on!

Cat Invasion! is headed your way, so be sure to check back early next week for more information. Don’t miss out on your chance to create the most purrfect scare on the block!

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Share This Article On Social Media