Halloween Trees are a Thing. And We’ve Made them Easy!

Have you noticed the many articles and social posts about Halloween trees this year? While people have been historically decorating trees for Christmas and other winter holidays for more than 600 years, Halloween trees just started trending on social media just a couple of years ago.

Halloween trees give many folks an excuse to dig out their artificial Christmas tree months early and decorate it with whatever spooky stuff they can find.  For example, this first person had a bunch of masks to use. This second person made simple cutouts to decorate their tree. Both very cool!

But what if you don’t have a Halloween-colored fake Christmas tree? Or maybe you don’t want to use up all of your delicious Halloween candy for decorations?

Check out the article on making these ornaments on Spooky Little Halloween

One easy and fun solution is an AtmosFX virtual holiday tree!

You might recall that we released our Virtual Christmas Tree collection two years ago with six different Christmas tree variants. But did you also know we also released our Spirit of Halloween virtual tree at the same time?

This animated Halloween tree comes in window, wall, and Hollusion mode. It can be projected on its own, or with a sparkly background as shown above! And regardless of which Halloween version you show, they all come with creepy sound effects too!

And with Halloween only being the start of the Hallowthankmas season, you can save money when you buy the complete Virtual Christmas Tree collection. Best of all, you’ll have a plethora of trees for the entire season!

Like our traditional Victorian tree

or our Vintage Santa Express.

We’re sure that regardless of which virtual tree you use, your family will be as excited as Gourdy to see them!

Have you set up a Halloween tree yet? Or have you decorated with any of our virtual trees? If so, we’d love to see them on any of our social channels. And don’t forget to share your displays (Halloween tree or otherwise) for our AtmosFAN of the Week competition where you can win kudos and glory! KUDOS AND GLORY!

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