Enter This AtmosFAN’s ‘Hall of Haunts’

Don’t let the brightly colored inflatable arch fool you – there’s something unimaginable just beyond it. OK, sure, this wonderfully immersive experience was certainly imaginable to Rick L., because he created it at his South Charleston, West Virginia, home. As for the rest of those who enter? We think not!

Of course, we always love it when we see our first sightings of a new AtmosFX Decoration. In this case, that’s Hall of Haunts, one of four new Halloween-themed decorations for 2022. And in the case of Rick’s Halloween display, he’s really put this decoration to good use.

Hall of Haunts is designed to create the atmosphere of a haunted mansion, and that is definitely the sensation you get when you walk through the arch. (As for the fact that the bright-orange inflatable is of a decidedly different, er, mood than what someone will encounter inside? Well, it worked with the gingerbread house, too!)

Rick is back-projecting the Hall of Haunts onto projection material stretched across his open garage door – creating a large canvas that really makes it feel like you have entered a decrepit ghost-filled mansion. But there’s another advantage. By back-projecting Hall of Haunts, Rick ensures that people won’t ruin the effect by standing in front of the projector as they watch all that happens in the haunted halls.

We also love how Rick set up some animatronics inside his “hall,” as well as two Prop Mode displays in the foreground, all of which create great depth. On the left is the AtmosFX 3DFX Form, with the Sinister Spinster from Phantasms Decoration. And of course, on the right, are the jovial pumpkins of Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree Decoration. In both cases, Rick does an amazing job setting up the projectors so that there isn’t any “light spill” – that is, none of the excess light from the Prop Mode displays bleed onto the Hall of Haunts projection. If it did, it’d ruin the effect!

We are pretty impressed with Rick’s setup – and then we learn that he’s still tinkering with his display. “This is still a work in progress,” he tells us, “but I’m amazed how it’s looking!”

We agree, Rick! And we can’t wait to see what else you do with it!

How are you preparing for Halloween? Make sure to send your photos and videos to us using this simple online form – you just may be the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Aside from inspiring Halloween decorators around the world, you will also earn Kudos for your submission, plus you might also earn a free complete decoration collection!

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