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Big Fun in a Small Package | AtmosFX

Big Fun in a Small Package

Sometimes you don’t have to go big to build something spectacular. We think David Werner’s display is a fantastic example of that – enough to make him this week’s Freak of the Week!

David, who lives in Orlando, Florida, was a first-time digital decorator this past Halloween. As he tells it, “I had small trick-or-treaters that were so entranced by my Hollusion effect that they forgot all about asking for candy!”

The response was so great in his neighborhood, David decided to use AtmosFX to decorate for Christmas, too. His first notion was to display Santa and his elves in his upstairs window. But then he got inspired by last year’s AtmosCHEERfx Digital Decoration, Night Before Christmas. And namely, the “Holiday Hearth” vignette.

“Every year I set up a Christmas Village on a table in my house,” David recalls. “This year I decided I could take things up several notches.”

As you can see from the video, David built a facade of a fireplace around where he’d normally set his Christmas Village. Then he cut out an opening for a spare television – and even hung stockings. David says he originally intended to just play “Holiday Hearth” in the display, taking advantage of the scene where the elves extinguish the fireplace in preparation for St. Nick’s visit.

On a whim, he decided to add AtmosFX’s newest digital decoration, Santa’s Workshop, into the mix – even though none of the scenes are set in fireplace. “Why not add that too?” he thought at the time. “It looks great and everyone who sees it, especially young kids, are in awe.”

We like your thinking, David! And, if you do want add an additional fireplace-themed decoration into the rotation, don’t forget the “Festive Fireplace” scene from Santa’s Visit.

In our opinion, that itself is enough of a reason to crown David Freak of the Week. But add the fact that he synced it up to his Amazon Echo, so he can simply tell Alexa to “turn on the fireplace”? Awesome!

With the holiday season in full swing, we know there’s plenty more Freak of the Week contenders out there! Show us how you decorate for the winter holidays using AtmosCHEERfx Digital Decorations and you could be our next Freak of the Week! Send us photos or links to your youtube videos – just make sure to put “Freak of the Week” in the subject line!

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