AtmosFAN’s Awesome Haunted Basement

Sure, outdoor Halloween displays get all the glory – not to mention endless trick-or-treaters and visits from the local news media. But AtmosFX Decorations look awesome indoors, too! For instance, Daniel Wilson of Springfield, Illinois, has always wanted to decorate his basement in a spooky theme – and just in time for a Halloween party, he did!

When Daniel finished remodeling his basement, he had the idea of making a haunted game room or a spooky haven for watching movies. Or, as will be the case this year, hosting a Halloween party. During his redecorating, Daniel was able to integrate some AtmosFX Decorations into the room, creating great examples of both TV Mode and Wall Mode displays.

Each time we look at Daniel’s video, there is more and more to see. As you can see, the use of Paranormal Passage Decoration on the theater projection screen really pops. And on the television behind the bar? In an entire space thematically decorated as a haunted game room, the sight of a demon (“Possessed TV” from Phantasms Decoration) bursting through an old black-and-white movie is incredibly powerful.

And the spider-infested body hanging from the ceiling plus projected spiders from Creepy Crawlies 2 Decoration? Ew. All we can say is that. Ew.

We especially love the window that makes it appear that some of the creeps from Night Stalkers Decoration are desperately trying to get in. Of course, this is a basement, and that’s not really a window. “That is a TV I mounted sideways in the wall, but it does help give the effect that you’re not in a basement,” Daniel tells us.

Obviously, that the TV is mounted inside the wall really sells the effect. But even if you don’t have time or expertise to do that, by just adding some false window panes and curtains (as Daniel does) can also do the trick. Daniel says he even uses other non-Halloween decorations – such as Dinosaur Encounter and Celebrations America decorations – on the screen at other times of the year.

Needless to say, we think this is a pretty spectacular basement any time of year – and even better during Halloween. We can see why nearly everyone in Springfield would be eager for an invite! Or, at least to play a round of spooky ping pong. Great work, Daniel!

To see more of what Daniel is up to, you can check him out on Instagram at danielwilson_cloudn9ne .

How are you preparing for the Halloween season? You are on the clock – it is in less than three weeks! Send us photos and videos of what you've created – or what you are working on – using this simple online submission form. Not only will you earn Kudos for use at, but you might become the next AtmosFAN of the Week, earning yourself a complete decoration collection!

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