Halloween Party Planning Starts Now!

If you haven't already heeded our warnings, please don't say we didn't tell you. Halloween is Coming! Yes, that is a reason for unqualified celebration. However, that there is less-and-less time to prepare for this years' Halloween display is, indeed, a cause for concern.

As if she was reading our mind, we just received this terrific video from AtmosFAN of the Week Sahara Sears. It showcases how she decorated for her Halloween party last year, and it serves as a great way to jumpstart our thinking about party planning and decorating.

Many of you will recognize Shara's efforts – she's the one who created the "Book of Spells," one of our favorite examples of a great-looking (and simple) way to use AtmosFX Digital Decorations on a tablet. You can see it here.

You can also see it here, about 20 seconds in, as part of this post-party video Sahara took at her Virginia Beach, Virginia, home. Conspicuously placed at the front of the house, the Book of Spells looks great. But as she walks you through her entire home, it is evident that this isn't the only clever decoration she and her husband have put together.

As you can see from the video, Sahara makes great use of three television monitors on the wall, displaying UnLiving Portraits and Terrors from Beyond digital decorations. Mounted and as though they are framed pictures, they create a creepy-yet-engaging party vibe without cluttering up the house. (That's important because she tells us they had more than 100 guests attend their Halloween party.) That uncluttered presentation also could be said for her window projection of Witching Hour Digital Decoration, which we she projects into her house.

And perhaps this speaks to our love for those tiny details that take party decorating to the next level, but we just love what Sahara has done with Creepy Crawlies 2 in her bathroom. Just like any good horror movie, when the camera starts down the narrow hallway and opens the closed door, we know we're gonna get something good.

Sahara gets extra bang for her decorating buck by hosting two Halloween parties – the first for her son, and then another for the adults. The best part: Sahara and family don't have to change a thing to keep both children and adults steeped in the Halloween mood.

We love it, Sahara! We are glad you read our minds and showed us how you prepared for your Halloween party. Now, we ask the rest of you: How are you preparing for this upcoming Halloween?! Inspire us – and the rest of the digital decorating community — by sending your photos and videos to our AtmosFAN submission page and you could win 1,000 Kudos!

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