Summer Sweepstakes Winners!

More than a thousand of you entered our Summer Breakthrough Sweepstakes and now it's time to announce the winners. But first, we also asked the question, "On what holiday or celebration should more people decorate?"

Well, 860 of you weighed in and — by far — you think even more people should decorate for Halloween!  By a ratio of 10:1 you said your friends and neighbors need to step up their Halloween game to match their Christmas displays (which came in second).

In a distant third place, was Independence Day. Easter and the Day of the Dead also made strong showings. We even had one bold visionary suggest people start decorating for colonoscopies. After diving into a quick search on YouTube, we've decided to pass on making a digital decoration for that one, at least for now.

Speaking of now, here's our latest batch of winners!

The grand prize of a Digital Decorating Kit ($199) goes to William H. in Minnesota! We can't wait to see how you use it this coming Halloween!

We also have two, second place winners who will each receive a specially curated bundle of digital decorations featuring creatures "breaking through" your walls, windows, and screens. 

  • Joseph S. in Ohio
  • Ryan D. in California

Congratulations! AtmosFX will be hosting even more sweepstakes soon with more gear and more decorations up for grabs. Watch our AtmosFan newsletter and Community Blog

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