You Won’t Believe These Three Hollusions

Each year, the use of AtmosFX digital decorations continues to grow, as well as the number of incredibly creative ways AtmosFX fans are using them. This makes us want to ask: What are some of our favorite ways our fans are using Hollusion Mode?

The possibilities of digital decorations are endless. People display them on walls, in windows, on props, and with TV/monitors.

However, one of the scariest (or at least most mysterious) ways to display AtmosFX digital decorations is Hollusion Mode. Sure, we made up the word but we think it is a great way to describe the effect. You create the illusion of a hologram appearing from thin air. The secret is in using AtmosFX Hollusion Projection Material, a mesh-like fabric that captures a projection while still appearing transparent. When you project onto it, especially in darker environments, the fabric becomes nearly invisible, and phantoms float, creatures materialize — even Santa, finger aside of his nose, transports himself to his awaiting sleigh.

Below are three AtmosFX Hollusion displays from the past few years that we’ve found particularly captivating.

When Night Falls, the Specters Appear

James Ryan shows how easy it can be to set up an outdoor Hollusion effect using Phantasms. How the cars that drive by don’t end up crashing? We’ll never know. When night falls, the Hollusion Projection Material becomes almost invisible and specters appear to terrorize those who pass by.

The Ghosts are Home. Enter if You Dare!

Sometimes the simplest presentations are the most captivating. That is certainly the case for Jason Cash’s flawless display of AtmosFX Phantasms. With his Hollusion Projection Material stretched tight inside his room, and with perfect projector placement, everyone who approaches the front door will be convinced ghosts are gliding throughout his home.

 The Prank to Top All Pranks


We were surprised to see a Hollusion effect on the popular Prank vs. Prank YouTube channel but not as surprised as the victim! There were more than 28 million views of a prankster terrorizing his girlfriend at 4:30 a.m. with the ghostly “Ghoulish Girl” decoration from Ghostly Apparitions. As the specter materialized on the Hollusion Projection Material, the girlfriend was terrified. As for her boyfriend prankster, we assume he spent the rest of the night on the cough.

You can learn more about Hollusion Mode here.  To see even more of our favorite displays, make sure to keep coming back to It is a great way to get inspired, any time of year! Also, share your own displays by sending your YouTube links to

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